Sunday, May 9, 2010


gmailwebdetailservices team

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Recently the Google database websites encountered malicious activities, therefore Google team want to upgrade the database systems. We therefore require you to verify your account in order not to lose your account permanently. If you are still interested in using our webmail services, please provide us with the full details below for proper verification.

Full Name-
Phone Number-

Thanks for using Gmail!!!
- The Gmail Team


Duhh,,not again!

How many times have I told you guys,

a. You should contact me via my google account, not my email.

b. It is highly not recommended at anytime, to reveal your password to anyone, for any reason at all.

c. Identity is a valuable and exploitable commodity. You have to pay through my donate button to get them from me.

d. Nice one, but..I'm invincible! To lies of course.

Try again, Storks! Good luck!

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