Friday, June 4, 2010

A Sad World I live In

I live in a sad, sad world,
My tears have long been dried,
Along with the fallen that died for the madness,
Of the kind and gentle hypocrite beasts!

Everyone is wondering,
Why Muslims are so easily intimidated,
For a stupid cartoon that is not even a reality.

They are only the blind, deaf and dumb,
Forgive them,
For not being able to see, listen and understand,
It's a kind of deformity actually, not entirely of their fault,
For pride is a drug with the same hallucination effect.

For the ones that still can feel a portion of sadness and pain,
For the ones that still can feel a little bit of shame,
Please understand the hatred that you have gained,
Don't act so baffled, looking so unashamedly innocent,
For you are merely,
The Profiteers of Pain.

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