Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't Mess With The Fly


How could a man with no scientific background dare to say anything about the fly? Now, a camel piss could have been the right antidote for falling in love with the truth, but a fly?

Most actually acted so pure and holy without even realising they had eaten traces of chicken poop when having an omelette for not washing the eggs properly in the first place. Premarine is just too bizzare for a highly modernized community such as we. We are not that backward.

Now if that makes you want to throw up, wait, a very distinctive coffee that could only be drink by the privileged few were actually civet cat's dung. Well actually they were not digested properly so we cleaned them properly to be served in elite coffee houses not many could have even smell the aroma. I still remembered how it felt of having a family of civet cats living in my ceiling. The smell of their piss. Hmm.

Now this would have made the only actual pure consumers are the vegetarians. But wait, the main ingredients that have made all the plants to flourish and bear fruits and leaves from heavens are none other, processed human and animal waste. Where do you think all that organic fertilizer came from in the first place? I still remember the commotions when a papaya farm was discovered to have used pig poop for their papaya trees. I stopped buying papaya at that time of course and planted my own papaya tree. For fertilizer, I used bat guano and dry aged cow or water buffalo dung that had gone through the harsh weather, derived from my neighbourhood occasionally. Main fertilizer is processed stale white rice, mixed with red palm sugar from nipah palm trees or stale sweetened food and pure soil. For edible leaves plant, specifically no guano source fertilizers. For my fruit trees and banana plants, strictly plant oriented manure when they had reached the right age of bearing fruit. I'm not sure if all the guano trace had completely gone from the plants, since I'm not a rocket scientist, but this is just one of my techniques in having pure fresh fruits fit for me and my family.

I wonder if there were any writings or findings by the ancients about the benefit of dipping a fly in our drinks or food when one accidentally performed a kamikaze manoeuvre into our drinks or food. I'm still looking for them though.

I have discovered an interesting article dealing with an attack on the saying of the Prophet and posted it on a separate posting. As for other onslaught, have patience. The ones that laugh the last, laugh the loudest.

And if you have been peeped by a peeping Tom, being violated of your privacy, being recorded in some private act that would ashamed you if it had been made public, you would have wished that you could poke the evil eye that had peeped you in the first place. Ask any Chinese political figure in the lands of the Malay of how damaging a peeping Tom can be. But I'm still looking for the hadith or any recorded writings about what actually had happened to the peeping Toms.

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