Thursday, September 9, 2010

The End of Ramadhan 1431/2010

Exactly at 7.11 p.m. a few hours from now, Ramadhan would leave us in the lands of the Malay and 1st Syawal will come with a new day. Hopefully with a new us. A new man and woman. A better, stronger person than we are previously before Ramadhan. A Muslim cannot afford to stay exactly the same throughout his life, nor should he become worse or lesser than what he was before. Being one of the dynamic creature, may be the most dynamic being on earth, he can't risk of being stagnant. May Allah accept all our good deeds in this Ramadhan. May we will never forget what this Ramadhan has thought us about ourselves.

I would like to wish all my Muslim reader, may this Syawal marks the end of our dark side or whatever remnants that is left of it and marks the beginning of being a full Muslim, 100% compliance. Amin, Amin Ya Rabbal a'lamin. May we have learnt our lesson. The world is like a drop of sea water. Keep on drinking it, and it only makes us thirstier and eventually weakened our inner strength and concealed our true potential.

Salam Syawal and farewell O dear Ramadhan, a friend to the good side of us and a foe to the dark side of us. May our good side will always triumph against our dark side of self. Only then we can be whole. All this while we thought Satan is the only evil that we must fought; we have forgotten the dark nature of man, so proud and snobbish, always in denial of what is right and the better options at hand. It was us all along. The evil that exist in the creature that is between the level of the angels and the beast. Only our true sincere faith in Allah, that could withstand all the temptation, fear, pain and agony in this life, not just mere blind faith without knowledge, would help us through in wading all the lies n hate thrown at us by our enemies that had failed to see, that we are just like them, their brothers and sisters, descendents of Adam and Eve. The same lineage, the brothers and sisters of humanity that has no ill intentions towards them, no matter how cruel and rude they have treated us. May Allah shower us with patience and endurance. Amin. Let's fill this night of 1st Syawal with prayers, zikr and supplication to the One true God, since the creation of time to the end of it. No matter how hard and clever all the mortals have tried and done to defy Him. His light of truth lives on, and will live on until the end of days of this universe.

For all the true fallen warriors of Allah, no matter what the enemies did to your corpses to insult you, they hurt not you, for you are the ones that got to live side by side with Allah, deep in His blessings and mercy. They have managed to only destroy your corpses. They have failed to destroy your spirit and bravery.

Your bravery O fallen holy warriors of Allah, in the face of mightier adversaries than you are, will always inspire us until we have fulfilled our own vows to Allah, either in the battlefield of the minds or the actual battlefield against the heartless hi-tech monsters. Your fearless ways will not be forgotten in defending your homeland and people from overwhelming tyranny, as always. Enjoy the eternal life that you have been blessed with. Pray for us O brave martyrs. Pray for us that have to suffer the likes of them who have so cowardly slain thee. How ugly they are. How ugly indeed.

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