Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tragedy In Ramadhan

Muslims believed firmly in their hearts that all Satan and Demons are locked away by the angels in the holy month of Ramadhan. The human beings are free from these evil whisperers in the fasting month. This is to reveal the true nature of each individual Muslims about who they really are. If the fondness of evil still exist in their mind, body and soul, they would know for sure that it wasn't the devil that was whispering softly deep inside their hearts all this while. The 'devil' is actually none other but their own self. 

But in the last days of Ramadhan, right here in the lands of the Malay, a mystery that would lead to a gruesome discovery plagued the minds of the concerned, especially to those who were involved directly with the event. Four Malays, one of them a well known public figure, a tycoon of the cosmetic industry, had vanished into thin air at a time when every Muslims were looking forward of completing their test and celebrating Aidilfitri with their loved ones. 

Some were wondering who could have done such a vile thing in the holiest month for the Muslims and Syawal was just around the corner. The four Malays were believed to have been detained, tortured and beaten to death. They received no sympathy and mercy from their killers. They were left to bleed to death. I’m not sure whether the killers watched happily at them as they die or not. After they were dead, the tormentors were believed to have torched their corpses to ashes and scattered the remains in rivers to conceal their evil deeds. Now, one would notice a similar pattern in the event of this brutal crime with a common ritual of certain religion. But unlike Muslims that are so easily intertwined with terrorism and ‘barbarian’ rituals, some are so lucky that their behaviours and conducts would never jeopardise their faith and religion.

Their hideous ways won't be taken into account and be associated with their religion. Only Muslims are entitled to such special treatment. So the crimes committed by non-practising or confused Muslims would reflect Islam and all Muslims in general. One bad apple would be representing all the oranges, grapes and of course, the durians. A very simple concept of generalisation that would not have used a lot of neuron activity, but would triggered a widespread hate and discontent quite easily. Muslims would always be on the defensive side and would always be busy apologising for all the misunderstanders’ behaviours. Islam would always be in the bad light for the inappropriate behaviours of a small numbers of believers. The ‘why’ that drive them to misbehave themselves would of course be ignored completely as an irrelevant circumstances. The Palestinians, Iraqis and Afghans are all moronic Muslims. They can’t accept the fact that the American GIs and drones are there to help them and safeguard their country from a ghostly deadly threat.

I wonder if I should start counting all the hideous crimes committed by the non Malay entities here in the lands of the Malay, since their first presence brought in by the British until now. Would it be considered as a non-Islamophobic syndrome of denial or just purely racist?  

Now, for some highly civilised community of the world, justice means treating the criminals in a very humanistic way, unlike what he had done to his victims, in a very sadistic manner, unimaginable by the decent mind. You would puke your heart out if you had seen the crime scene or knew how they had victimised their victims. We on the other hand, must not treat those who had failed to treat their victims humanely; we would not want to be in the same shoes of these cruel barbarians. We are highly civilised and shall treat them in a much civilised manner. Only in the law of Islam, the family members and the victims (if they had survived their tormentors) have a say in the judgement of the ones that had taken their happiness, so harshly away from them. They have the power to forgive the criminals. The criminals would of course, cannot expect to be spared from the pain and suffering that they had inflicted unjustly and unnecessarily to their victims. The victims didn't deserve to be treated so cruelly by them. They had chosen the evil way and must accept the evil consequences of their evil action. They had all the better options at hand. It was their own greed and unwillingness to comply with goodness that had made them the evil they are.

The evil ones on the other hand deserved to taste the agony and pain they had inflicted so inconsiderately to their undeserving victims. They must go through the horrors of their victims and they must be made an example to would be killers and evil doers. The fear of punishments must be instilled in the hearts of the not so willingly abiding citizens. Have you seen the victims of an acid attack? The acid attackers would only loose some aspect of his freedom while his victims would be traumatised for the rest of their lives. They would be scarred and disfigured, some even lost their eye sight while their tormentors would only be smiling in their cells and read some newspaper to spend the time while waiting to be free. No one would be afraid of treating their brothers and sisters like garbage. They would not suffer the same fate of their victims so why worry?

May the victims be placed among the righteous and those who were forgiven by the Lord of the worlds. Rest in peace. Al Fatihah for the fallen.

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