Thursday, December 16, 2010

False Patron

Everyone is talking about false gods and false prophets. False patrons seem to escape the radar and got to walk away from all the fiasco, unnoticed by the sensitive critical eyes of the not-so-pious and envious observers. Everyone could see the merciless wars and brutal conflicts physically being fought right there in front of their very eyes on TV, a thousand miles away from them and surprisingly quite allergic to the ripples of threats and destructions that came ashore to their peaceful and beautiful homelands.

They have somehow failed to see any link between the multiple long wars, being fought by their own brave high-tech and heavily armed sacrificial lamb-soldiers, that are the necessary casualties on the altar of the so-called freedom of their beloved motherland, to the low level of danger they have foolishly put themselves into. So exclusive and prized this freedom is, not everyone is entitled to it, as with any other exclusive beautiful things that we have in our short existence in this temporal world. Proudly flaunted by the proud and spoilt civilised aristocrats that would not even dare of going near the altar of freedom. What more of thinking of having to send their beautiful and soft special sons and daughters to the slaughter. It’s the duty of the ruled class to the ruling elite. We command and you’ll die for us, sorry, for the sake of the freedom of our country. Remember that this very special conserved right is for those with money only, lots of them and are not for all. Especially not the severely impoverished and poorly equipped ‘deadly’ nations that only fault is just for inflicting fear on the privileged wealthy West. They are guilty of a suspicion of planning to terrorize the poor rich countries that were already half-terrorized by their own misadventures of meddling and  controlling the lives of others in some foreign countries. Subduing these absolute foreign sovereign citizens to their would-like-to-be rulers’ whims. Something considered highly despicable and totally inconsiderate in their very culture of advancement. It is their God-given right to do whatever pleases them. The inconvenient pain and agony that follows is not of their concern, especially when it is not they that are doing the dying.

The fact that their soldiers are invading, walking about killing the inhabitants of the foreign lands that they are occupying, illegally by any moral point of view and standard, seem to escape their reasoning. And thus they are so confused and angry at the terrorists for implying the same tactics of terror that they have become so expert of. The terrorists must bear in mind that just like freedom and justice, terror is also an exclusive privilege that is God-given to them, only to them, the moguls of the cold war. The so-called-terrorists on the other hand must try and act more civilised than the high-technically advanced and modernised barbarians that are killing their countrymen alongside with the children of their future and devastating their country, which is the source of happiness for a nation people.

How I am sickened of these sick arrogant people that think they deserved to live on the death of so many. Somehow not deserving any destructions and deaths for their roles as terminators. How I despise their overwhelming stupidity of not realising the risk of being the conqueror of mightier people than they are, in spiritual essence and morality standard. Their might is only in plastic, paper, wire and steel. Those fancy machineries won’t outlast the endurance of the human spirit, especially those who believed it with their hearts; they are on the right side.

May they are blessed with longevity in their pain and fear, these profiteers of pain. These highly civilised monsters that had caused much, much suffering on so many people in so many countries since ages for none other than their selfish economic and political interest, severely lacking of any morality standing in justice and liberalism. They are manifest hypocrisy in the purest of form for the entire world to see. Shame on them. And shame on those who allowed them to get away with it by looking at their pointing fingers, which of course, would never ever be pointing at their own black and dark twisted hearts.

Haven't we learnt anything from the Art of War by Sun Tzu?

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