Thursday, December 16, 2010

Overturning Lies and Hate

Dear Srizals 15 December 2010 08:50

You state 'Even though most of my questions were unanswered ( I answered them but you REFUSE to SEE OR HEAR THEM),'
One last question if I may if not so much of a trounble, if the Palestinian Muslims were considered as the followers of Satan and thus condemned to maltreatment by the Beloved Chosen People of god, what about the Christian Palestinians? Are they considered as heretics too for not bowing to the Chosen People as they should have? Only this I ask of you. We will never cross path again. This is my promise if you willingly answer my final question. Thank you very much.

1.Not all people who say they are Christians are Christians. Most Arab Christians are Nestorians who deny Christ is Messiah' TRULY GOD, TRULY MAN, God's Only Redeemer/Saviour'. How is this Different from Roman Catholicism who believe in a Different Christ? If a 'Christian?' states this, how can THEY be a 'Follower of Christ' because you must believe ALL that Christ declares about himself or The Holy Bible declares of HIM! Two Must Be in Agreement to Walk Together!!!
Irrespective of you calling them Christians,it is irrelevant you say 'Christians' as All men should be free from persecution.

Tariq Aziz claims to be Christian yet was complicit (knew and said nothing) in the murder of Muslims, Shia and Sunni,Kurds etc by Sadam Hussein as his right hand man, and his regime..How can he be a Christian.?

The real question is, Are not the Christian Palestinians treated poorly by Palestinian Muslims also as revealed by our Western Media..They are treated then, no differently as you claim by Israel. ALL people should be peaceful and kind towards each other but Israel/Palestinians problem is a complex problem that can not just be detailed and solved, glibbly, in one paragraph.!

This problem we all suffer Regarding Land in Israel/Palestine was created by the Arab's hatred for the Jewish people, (Arabs believe they are 'The Chosen through Ishmael now, not Isaac as stated in the Qu'ran, A New Revelation From God). Arabs should have let them have THEIR piece of Land as given them by League of Nations and UN after removing the Turkish Ottoman Empire after World War 1.. Land was given to Arabs too but still Arabs even refused to accept this massive land asssigned specifically to them under International Law!. Remember That The Ottoman Empire controlled all the Middle East as IT'S Provinces and NOT Sovereign Arab States!!)

Sorry Srizals, the problems are solveable but Arabs hate the Jews too much to ever agree to this..This is why most Christians know it to be near impossible. A solution involves COMPROMISE which Arabs ( or muslims everywhere) will never agree to, SO THE PROBLEM CONTINUES?

Be in Peace


15 December 2010 14:17

srizals said...
Thank you Mr. KINGOFHIGHCS, I'm indebted to you. Thank you also your grace for allowing me a space for my quest of understanding the West.

As for Iraq, sadly they haven't learnt their lesson. No Muslim can kill his fellow human unjustly and expect no punishment will befall him in this worldly life. What more a nation. Their solution instead is more killings as if Allah is with them. But like a Somali pirate said in an interview with a brave Denmark journalist, one does not think much of religion when one is a villain.

For this I understand how one has earned his place in the Fire for a time or eternity.

As for Palestine, the same rules apply. Some Muslims then, had abandoned the brotherhood and fell to the deceptions of the British and forgotten the reminder from Allah in the Koran that they read daily. With unity that turned to hostility between the Turks and Arabs back then, the covenant was broken and Muslims were alone against so many without God on their side. So we are stuck with it unless we can remedy the obvious mistake of reading the Koran without understanding and with it, implementation. With all the luxuries that still blinded some of them, I'm afraid the solution is not in a near future. It is the same old story of the haves and have-nots. Only Muslims themselves can remedy the wrongs of their past. The only question is, are they willing to suffer for it and pleases God instead of dishonest men and regain their honour once more. But the grudges will fuel more hatred and peace cannot be expected for all of us, what more of those who got their hands dirty in the first place.

But make no mistake. The true believers among them will endure and Insya Allah, be stronger than ever. As for the not so true, hopefully they'll come to their senses.

As for me, overturning lies n hate is a path that I have to take.
Thank you for your time.

15 December 2010 18:44

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