Monday, December 6, 2010

Why People Leave Islam

Blogger pounce_uk said...Srizals writes:
”If it's not rude to ask, are you really an ex Muslim? Tell me something that only an ex would know about Islam.”
It never fails to amaze me, how Muslims refuse to accept anything which questions their so called religion of peace status. Be it “Terrorist carrying out crimes in the name of Allah” who are instantly rebadged as ‘Not Muslims’ by the crowd. Whitewashing female oppression as a human right or even questioning former cult members on their honesty. It all boils down to the same inability to admit that a sizable number of Muslims do not subscribe to the propaganda banded about by the sycophants and acolytes of Islam.
But in answer to your question:
I know that I was beaten by the local mullah for not learning the chapters of the Koran I was supposed to learn by rote.
I know that I was beaten by my father for not going to the mosque on a daily basis after school.
I know that I was kicked out of the mosque for defending my sister when she was beaten
I know that my sister and I were taken into care after we were found to have lots of bruises on our bodies.
I know that the local Islamic community ostracised us both as bad children for bringing shame into community. (Yup still can’t get my head around that one)
I know that the last time I visited my other sister Her family spent all day trying to get me to go to the mosque (Why I’m Cof E) When that failed, they left my brother-in-law behind and his first words were “I am going upstairs to pray do you want to watch?” Why?, what part of “I am not a muslim” can’t you buggers respect.
I know that since that visit my sister isn’t allowed for me to visit her anymore. Get that her Husband’s family don’t wish for me to see my own sister as I am not a muslim.
So Srizal, please be so kind as tell us all just what have i done wrong in which to see myself cut off from my own kin. Do you think I am a bad muslim? Or could I actually be a victim? Or are you going to white-wash the old episode by playing the “they are not Muslims” card.”

Taken from Cranmer's blog comments.

Sorry to move your comments here Pounce_uk. I've been away for a while and the thread is no longer conducive for me to be there. Everyone would no longer care to read my comments since the level of prejudice is quite high.

You have indeed undergone a trauma or an abuse. Your family seem to be too hard on you and you've decided to blame Islam for their behaviours. I don't blame you entirely nor do I think that you were a bad Muslim. Like I said, Muslims are just as any human beings, they are only human. Islam is a way of life, how far have they adhere to Islam and observed the ways of the Prophet and his true companions in practising Islam in their life would in turn reflect the Islamic values that a Muslim should have and live by. Failure to do so is not on part of  Islam. It is the Muslim own fault as the living module.

I've seen your blog. It is full of hatred for Islam. Why not direct your anger at those who deserved them. The rest of the Muslims didn't abuse you. Why should they took the blame?

You can continue your arguments here. I won't moderate nor stop you. Like I said to all that I've encountered in the Worldwide Web. Let's have a discussion than a debate. It is much more sincere and non-threatening. Hope to hear from you soon. Don't give up.

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