Monday, December 6, 2010

Women: According To...

People have been talking about women for a long time. The word 'people' I used here would be referring to those who claimed that they are fighters for women's right. And they can't seem to leave Islam alone as in their bright understanding, Islam is the worst system that treats women like garbage.

Women in Islam are respected and adored and have higher status than in other system. In the so called feminism and liberalised society, they are considered as by-products to be manipulated, misused and abused. Women are considered as slaves to please the lust of men. Nothing more. If an unfortunate incident arises, such as unwanted pregnancy, they would have it done clean and fast the civilised way aka abortion. If any caught STD or STI or HIV or Aids, well, it's just bad luck. And suffering, intense suffering would awaits those who had been fully exploited by the so-called liberal humanitarian. Hypocrisy at its best. But don't believe me. Read for yourself. But be forewarned. Some of the content is highly disturbing. I had to put it here so that you would not say, I'm just saying things without any proof. Judge for yourself on the treatment of women by true Muslims and those who are not even true humanist.

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