Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jesus' Message

Do you know about the idea that Jesus talked about himself in the third person in the Bible? This would be very confusing of course, since in the real world, the world of the current and the present, one would not be seen as a worthy friendly conversationalist if he kept on referring himself in the third person when in fact he was obviously referring to himself, which is the first person that is doing the talking. Which would be of course, talking about himself, his dreams and desires, and most importantly, his intended message that he was thinking of communicating. He would of course, wouldn't want to confuse the person or persons that he is or was talking with. That would confuse the ordinary folks he was trying to talk to, especially those that only manage to think at only a layer of thought, never a triple layer of thoughts, recalling our own simple mindedness, of course. It would be very confusing for the easily confused listener or reader. And thus the need to communicate is therefore void itself and totally unnecessary, since the speaker is trying to confuse the listeners of what exactly he is talking about or what the message exactly was.

Confusing? Well, that is what srizals think and still believe in strongly. But srizals unlike everyone else, is living in a secluded and perfect dream world where the good, the bad and the ugly are so intensely intertwined in a nauseating power struggle that one would wonder if the belligerents have any working nerves connecting their dignity, honour and shame sensors. But srizals is getting confused by the day and he better stop referring himself in the third person, since he's starting to sound very strange and absurd.

Well, Muslims are following a sex cult anyway. That is why we don't have any luxurious porn or sex industries and our women wore thick multi-layered clothing system almost like a nun, to protect themselves from the elements, especially from hostile elements that could harm their modesty and especially compromising themselves in a grave physical, actual harm. That is why Muslim men marry women, treat them as mothers of their children, spending their hard earned money to support them and kept them safe from harm, inhuman manipulation and risky sexual diseases. We are ourselves, bad to the bone. That is why we treat our women with such dignity. Criminal and the ignorant speak for themselves.

And yes, we do consider girls that have reached their puberty, as boys, the equals of men and women. Since their bodily function glaringly said so, who are we to defy the natural way of a human being? We don’t want to defy nature and science. It would be very unnatural and totally unscientific to ignore the reality of the human beings that must breed as quickly and as long as possible, healthily, since we do not live that long, around 60 years to be precise, nor have the ability to bear a life in the womb, continuously, without the risk of having early menopause. So, we asked them to behave like adults and we treat them as equal adults, even though they are not seasoned adults. They must not go on as they please while still wearing baby clothing and think they still look cute in such tight, exposing garments. We wouldn't want to attract sexual predators that linger in our midst, looking positively harmless and benign on the outside, positively negative, animal-driven lust, sexual cannibals in the inside that tend to inhumanly manipulate and abuse as many as they can without the burden of being a good father and a modest husband. That is why we have such a harsh punishment for sexual offences, almost like in the Bible, after allowing men to marry women as easily they possibly can, without any difficulties or strict unreal laws, limited up to only four wives, never mistresses or prostitutes.

Adulterers are stoned to death with rocks and stones, so that they are knocked out unconscious quickly enough to embrace death. Virgins are whipped not like slaves, having their complete attire on while being whipped, to live another day. The punisher is not even allowed to raise the rattan higher than his head and opening his armpit to ensure the blow would not cut the skin severely. And the rattan is no bigger than his finger.

That is why we do not execute the verdict unless we have four, yes, four different reliable individuals that testify of witnessing the insertion of the man into the woman. And they must be of pious and righteous men! If they were peeping Toms, they wouldn't be righteous in the first place. That means only the man and woman that had degraded themselves to the level of the Gallus gallus domesticus that mates publicly in public, without any consideration, is highly likely to receive such worldly penalty. Failing to bring four reliable witnesses would meant that the accuser would end up being beaten 80 times with rattan for daring to accuse without appropriate proof.

What choice do we have? We are so obsessed with sex that we have strict laws governing and taxing them lawfully like in some highly civilised nations. We wouldn't want to be over-run by hundreds of thousands of baby corpses and fetuses on yearly basis. It would be a gruesome sight having to see all the torn-up limbs of little humans that resembles much like us in YouTube. That would be totally sick and revolting.

As for what Jesus had said in the Bible,

Mark 12:29

New Living Translation (©2007)

Jesus replied, "The most important commandment is this: 'Listen, O Israel! The LORD our God is the one and only LORD.

Mark 12:30

New Living Translation (©2007)

And you must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.'

Now compare what he said in the Koran,

Al-Maidah, 5:116 - 119

After reminding him of these favors, Allah will say: "O Isa (Jesus) son of Maryam (Marry), Did you ever say to the people, "worship me and my mother as gods beside Allah?" He will answer: "Glory to You! How could I say what I had no right to say? If I had ever said so, you would have certainly known it. You know what is in my heart, but I know not what is in Yours; for You have full knowledge of all the unseen.

I never said anything other than what You commanded me to say, that is to worship Allah, Who is my Rabb (God) and your Rabb (God). I was a witness over them as long as I remained among them; but when You called me off, You were the Watcher over them and You are a Witness to everything.

If You punish them, they surely are Your servants; and if You forgive them, You are Mighty, Wise."

Allah will say: "This is the day on which the truthful will profit from their truth; they shall have gardens beneath which rivers flow to live therein forever. Allah is well-pleased with them and they are pleased with Him. This is the mighty achievement."

Jesus was not a liar. He never was.

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