Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wasting Precious Time

How long have the controversies been dragging on shamelessly now? Well, actually I've lost count and whenever there is a gathering unlike a secret meeting of the important and the uppermost, many would take their roles, officially unelected of course, in being the judge and jury, fiercely defending their views and interpretations of the bizarre current events in the blessed lands of the Malay or Malaysia, nowadays.

After declaring corruption as the main enemy of Malaysia, SPRM or MACC was given the tedious task of cleansing the choking filth of wealth generated by the lazy and evil members of the society. It may look easy at the slogan level since everyone hates corruption right? But it is actually full of threatening darkness, twisting deadly highways with roadblocks that would make any rookie immediately lost faith in themselves in a matter of seconds. I'm in all favour of increasing these brave men and women status for being valiantly on the front line against formidable wealthy corrupter that has snake-like tongue and snake-twisting appearance. With an integrity of a shameless snake too, of course. (Snake in a human kind of way, not the real beautiful serpents.)

There are two big events dragging and slowing almost everyone in the lands of the Malay nowadays. A country that has a lot of catching up to do with their fellow Koreans. The first one is the boring, self-repeating and self-delaying scandalous scandal related to the most basic carnal instinct of a man. Sex. The second, the fallen men, yes, the fallen men, from buildings, after losing their nerves of minding about what they might lose or caused others to lose if they testify about the corruptions, that are eating up the wealth of Malaysia, so silently but assuringly like termites, making it lose billions and millions of taxes, sands and taken for granted luxuries that we still luckily have, while many are still wondering which part of the wealth of the nation that they are actually sharing or losing. Would they yet again be the sacrificial lambs in order to make do with dwindling, poorly-managed resources? In order to satisfy the lazy and the unmotivated, of course. (The downside of democracy.)

After causing a storm that amazingly diverted the dark clouds over the heads of weary guilty minds by the sudden death of a witness, not the accused, in corruption issues of a 'transparent' rookie establishment, every attention now has been shifted to the poor, dead deceased. (Hopefully not at the expense of the living.) He had had a lot to live for and yet he seemed to have forgotten all the bright side of life that he had and instead, being overwhelmed by the temporal downside of life, which of course, could be fatal  to our motivation and determination, what more to our will to live.

After an exhaustive and taxing inquiry that is still going on, we still depend on controversial figure that is well-known for stirring up controversy. So don't expect much after we ourselves are inviting controversy into the picture. Luckily, a British top autopsy expert didn't agree with the Siamese expert, if not, how stupid the Malaysian experts would be in the eyes of the world.

Now, another witness had followed the same footstep of being a fallen witness, may be something good will eventually come out from all this furoreMaybe with this second tragic death and the autopsy of this ugly, same lucky instances, some revealing points can be revealed and allegations can finally be put to rest. (If it is allowed to be put to rest that is). Since it has a heavy political  leverage, I would really be surprised if it did. (I strongly suggest the MACC ditched all the fancy windows of their high rise buildings or opt for an electric grill or some sort or only use single story buildings to house their offices). Whatever happens to once bitten, twice shy idiom that we all have learnt during school?

As for the sex scandals involving a man that still dream of a genie, some chose to not believe or disbelieve that the famous, well-known colourful character could have done such a thing, he was said to be a homosexual, so how could he be a heterosexual at the same time? Well, luckily, man is a creature that is not fond of limiting himself from daring, testosterone boiling adventures. He could be both, to experience the best of two worlds have to offer. He has unnaturally become the only creature to be above the law of nature. Manipulating nature to his ungodly will, unscathed and unscratched by misadventures, since he has cleverly established himself as the always would-be-victim, never an abuser and  cunning manipulator on the road of bringing democracy to Libya, sorry, the democratic Malaysia, after more than 50 years living blindly under the oppression of the Gaddafi-lookalike British iron fist. Who would ever believe those lying unashamed accuser(s) that so willingly confessed publicly or secretly that they were victimized so degradingly for any decent human being, that would carry the burden of being known to the public until their death, for being the actual victim(s).

If only he wasn't caught on tape and  had not asked his wife to keep his classy Omega watch that would of course have accurate, decent serial numbers and record keeping of their prestigious owners. If only.

Some may be a blessing from God and they or their supporters never mentioned or declared such a heavy allegation or declaration in the fear of making a mistake of dragging God the Almighty into their worldly and lowly affairs.  Some are glaringly and obviously not a gift from God.

And please don't drag Prophet Yusuf a.s. into this brawl too. His prayers were answered. Wait for yours to be answered.

There is a Malay proverbs that I want to share with you, 'Berani kerana benar, takut kerana salah' which simply means be brave if you are right, be afraid if you are wrong. Many Malays and Malaysians have forgotten this old wise saying of the ancient Malay. I haven't heard anyone could ever change the DNA of the blood, saliva or skin to look like the DNA of spermatozoa. You can use my DNA if you really want to and really, really believe in justice being served. Well, we always have an option at hand, bring in the foreign experts to out shame our locals. We don't really believe in ourselves anyway, do we?

And allow me to share yet another Malay proverbs that comes to my mind in reading the recent scandals of more than 60 high ranking customs officials and a politician that can’t give up his dream to be like Tun Mahathir, ‘sepandai-pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah jua’ or no matter how clever the jumping squirrel may be, eventually it will fall to the ground. Be forewarned. And one more, you are nothing like Tun Mahathir. Stop trying to imitate him.

And if any are still wondering what all the fuss is, remember we lost Singapore because one man's decision, and he was  not an average Joe like you and me. We lost Batu Putih also because  of one man's decision even though he was only an acting officer, not the sovereign ruler that actually owned the rock. Are you willing to risk the country's future in the hands of a man that is determined to be the prestigious Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Evil is seductive and addictive. Only the strong and the true could survive them.

Malaysian Anti-Corruption




Wallahualam bi shawab. Allah knows better what is right.

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