Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama, Slayer of Osama


It is done. The message is clear. The said leader of Al Qaeda is dead. Now or when is not really an issue. The issue is what's next? The said supporter of Al Qaeda's terror, the Taliban, who were said, had provided him and his clan of terror a sanctuary for staging one isolated attack against the world most powerful and advanced nation in the world for almost a hundred years, is in ruins. Tens of thousands had died since the war on terror to avenge the three thousands. Ten times more had perished or are still trapped in the state of hunger and cold, helplessness and fear, bleeding and dying. Forever remain in scars, both physically and mentally. Most important Al Qaeda leaders had been killed, those who had co-operated in planning attacks of terror almost around the world, including America. (One 9/11). Tens of thousands of the innocents had perished and suffered along with them. Tens of thousands against the three thousands. More blood for blood. Would the blood stop flowing now? A wishful thinking it is, but what a wonderful wish it could have been.

It is done. America's purpose of waging the war against terror has been achieved. Go back to status quo. Leave Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq to their people. Leave them be to sort things out themselves. Outsiders would only fuel the burning hatred between brothers. Let them reconcile their wounds and mend their errors. The criminals said to be involved in the attack on America had been destroyed to pieces. Along with their wives, children, siblings, communities and countries. They had suffered and lost more than Americans. Much, much more. As have numerous American's collateral damage in its global war for dominance. Why are you still dominating in other's country? Why are you still terrorising the innocents in their own homelands? What are you waiting for? Go home.  It is done.

Not unless you have some plans that you are not willing to share with us. What is your plan? Breeding more hatred for the next terror and counter-terror? Or is it just plainly economical? Besides, what will we do with all those fancy weaponry that are approaching their expiry dates? What would become of those poor military contractors and merchants of death? They have children to feed and luxuries of life to swim in fancily. What would become of them? Have we no mercy?

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