Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sniper: Inside History


Watched an interesting documentary on the History channel just now. And it isn’t pretty. The snipers looked like pretty boys and they sure are deadly. It depicted accounts of sniping 19 insurgents in Fallujah in a matter of minutes. Life that was created by multiplying cells in tiring 9 months and 9 days, killed and ashamed in seconds. Makes you wonder about life and death. How long it takes for creation to be perfected, only to be destroyed in such despicable ways in seconds.

I don't understand it, they say that they couldn't afford to show the remain of Osama or have him properly buried in soil that he was created from, in fear of escalating hate and terror, but they are not hesitant to show to the world how the native sons of their beloved motherland being killed like chickens on TV, outgunned and outnumbered. 

I'm sure like any TV shows, it's just TV. It is not real. I guess it won't affect much seeing those proud and smiling killers killing the bad evil guys, the same devils supporting the terror group that attacked the helpless Americans on one glorious date, being so weak, vulnerable and all. I guess they deserved being killed in such a way, just like their beloved country, torn to pieces for supporting such undeserving terror.

They deserved every cent of humiliation, torture, misery and death happening every day except on one special day, 9/11. Every day is just the simple, nothing fancy every day. As long as the death and the terror are not happening right on the backyard of our serene beautiful and peaceful home. We have never ever supported any terrorist group that used terror to achieve their objective. We do not know any terror organisations that blew up the British and the Arabs in order to inflict terror upon terror to create a lie on the carcass of truth. We wouldn't want any world super power to be invading us to catch our common petty criminals. We wouldn't want to be killing the bad evil guys for such a sorry excuse.

We have to cook up something sinister so that everyone and their children deserve to die in our saintly hands. Everyone else deserves the pain and agony for daring to support our enemies in such a mysterious way. We would never support the enemy of others so glaringly with tens of millions of money and fancy weaponry to steal others’ lands and country. We might have our assets frozen in some foreign lands.

 Everyone else is expendable. Everyone except the good and beautiful us, of course. Look what we did in Libya. We liberate and protect civilians from threats of tyranny. We sure did show the Libyans the consequences of moving deadly forces toward civilians. They shouldn’t have play around with white phosphorus bombs and DU ammunition on condensed civilian sectors. We sure did teach them a lesson for being such a proud killer and oppressor. What? What did you say just now? What Gaza? I don’t understand Arabic. Speak in Hebrew.

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