Sunday, August 21, 2011

Al Baqarah 2:1 - 2:22

The Cow
With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful.
Alif. Lām. Mīm .

This Book has no doubt in it - a guidance for the God-fearing,

who believe in the Unseen, and are steadfast in Salāh (prayer), and spend out of what We have provided them;

and who believe in what has been revealed to you and what has been revealed before you; and they have faith in the Hereafter.

It is these who are guided by their Lord; and it is just these who are successful.

Surely for those who have disbelieved, it is all the same whether you warn them or you warn them not: they do not believe.

Allah has set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing; and on their eyes there is a covering, and for them awaits a mighty punishment.

And among men there are some who say, “We believe in Allah and in the Last Day”, yet they are not believers.

They try to deceive Allah and those who believe, while they are not deceiving anyone except themselves, although they are unaware of it.

In their hearts there is a malady, so Allah has made them grow in their malady; and for them there is a grievous punishment, because they have been lying.

When it is said to them, “Do not spread disorder on the earth”, they say, “We are but reformers.”

Beware, it is, in fact, they who spread disorder, but they do not appreciate.

And when it is said to them, “Believe as people have believed,” they say, “Shall we believe as the fools have believed?” Beware, it is, in fact, they who are the fools, but they do not know.

When they meet those who believe, they say, “We have entered Faith;” but when they are alone with their satans, they say, “Indeed, we are with you; we were only mocking.”

It is Allah who mocks at them, and lets them go on wandering blindly in their rebellion.

These are the people who have bought error at the price of guidance; so their trade has brought no gain, nor have they reached the right Path.

Their situation is like that of a man who kindles a fire, and when it illuminates everything around him, Allah takes away their lights and leaves them in layers of darkness, so that they see nothing.

Deaf, dumb and blind, they shall not return.

Or (it is) like a rainstorm from the sky, bringing darkness, thunder and lightning; they thrust their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps for fear of death, -and Allah encompasses the disbelievers-

and lightning (all but) snatches away their eyesight; every time a flash gives them light, they walk by it; and when darkness falls upon them, they stand still. And if Allah willed, He would certainly take away their hearing and their eyes: surely Allah is powerful to do anything.

O people, worship your Lord who created you and those before you, so that you may become God-fearing.

He is the One who made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a roof, and sent down water from the sky, then brought forth with it fruits, as a provision for you. So, do not set up parallels to Allah when you know.

Do listen to them too. Only then they make perfect sense. The order and the numbers of the words, how the words, the verses correlates with each other in a melodious, firm and gentle reminder for mankind. The beings that love and appreciate both, melody and language arts more than others.

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