Monday, August 15, 2011

Boycott China


Communism tyranny is exposing its ugly face again. For an act of terror by terrorists, everyone has to pay the consequences. I thought we don't have capital punishment any more that puts all members of the community  under the actions of the few.

Is it because it has managed to sell its 'bad' goods throughout Muslim nations?

I still remember the motorcycles and scooters under the Malay name 'comel' or cute in English which has made its short debut in Malaysia not long ago. As any things that have the label of 'Made In China' they were not made to last..more than several months, if you're really lucky. And there are no more 'comel' bikes racing on Malaysian roads these days. 

My own personal experience? Well, ask the Malaysian Chinese if you don't believe me. Even they say that goods made in China are not that good. And we keep seeing cheaper, worthless junk sold on the shelves of our stores. Tempted by their cheap tags and not much option at hand in a store flooded by China's goods, we end up buying them again and again, wasting time and money. 

The Uighur of Xinjiang are now banned from performing their religious duties under the pain of terrible consequences for the crimes of the few. They are being deliberately oppressed as a whole community, blamed for the acts of the few.

This is an apparent hostility towards Islam. If you considered boycott Israel is legitimate, and they haven't dared to forbid the Muslims to perform their religious duties, would you still dare to buy and use China's goods? Excuse me, aren't you a Muslim? But then again, aren't you a fighter of humanity that transcend religion and race??

I say, boycott China! Before it's too late. It’s a small effort on our behalf to say the very least.

Ehem! OIC, please wake up from your slumber. Or are we going to play the taking-the-blame game again?

When  some Muslims go crazy, all Muslims have to pay the consequences and directly responsible for the actions of the few. How lucky the Christians are. Nobody blames them for anything. Not even for the destruction of Iraq.

Don't count on China to take on the US. It is not the Yin for the Yang. Both of them are very much the same capitalist monsters. It is we ourselves that have to rise up to the challenge. We have to step up to the plate ourselves. Only then the disruption of the balance of power can be restored in this dying world.

Only then, we can have peace, for everyone.

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