Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dr Tahir ul-Qadri: Halal and Harus Music vs. Haram Music


In Islam, no one could ever overrule the Last Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him.

 In Islam, the absolute way could not be defined by anyone except by the one whom was sent by the Most Merciful to His most beautiful creatures, the human kind. 

Not everyone reads the Koran, the Hadith and Islamic materials. Not everyone reads educational materials for that matter. Not everyone is the same. Each and every individual is totally different from one and the other. No single rigid dakwah method should be used to convey the message of the true religion of peace.

Haram is what is harmful to mankind. Something that is not harmful is placed in the Harus category or the Allowed category. Why should we decree something that was allowed by the Prophet as harmful?

Who are we to decree such a fatwa? Are we more knowledgeable in Islam and truth than the Prophet himself? Don’t we believe in the Messenger of Allah anymore?

Can we overrule the Teacher of Islam, the last Prophet of Allah to mankind?

And we are not even immune from mistakes and errors like the Prophet s.a.w.

I am the follower of Muhammad s.a.w. The last Prophet of the series of Prophets sent by the One God, the Only True Creator of the Worlds. I obey only him.

My God has sent him to me as a guide and mercy. No one is above him.
I am not the follower of others than him. No one is above him in my religion. No matter how knowledgeable and pious they may appear to be. No one is more pious and more knowledgeable than the Prophet of Mercy. 

Please do not shy away non-Muslims from Islam by trying to show just how alien Islam is to good human nature.

Only the bad behaviours are incompatible with Islam. Yes, when music is polluted with essence of Haram, it becomes Haram or forbidden, I am not a denier of this. 

But to say all music is haram since there are singers that exposed themselves to sin or called people to sin, would be a huge mental block for anyone who is interested in Islam. Why? Because melody and art is ingrained in our body, mind and soul. Listen to the Koran if you don’t believe me. This miraculous proof of Islam is still relevant in today modern world of people who loved and adorned beautiful melodies as it was during the booming of language art and poetry some 1,400 years ago.

Don’t take it away from them. Without art, the heart and mind would not be balanced. Without balance, we will definitely slip.

May Allah protect us from innovating something in this already perfect religion that suits the nature of the human being. Amin.

I salute those true ulama and scholars of Islam that dare to stand with a different view from the extreme view of Islam innovated by mere human beings. And this fine ulama is one of them. Alhamdulillah.

Thank you for upholding the way of the Prophet of Mercy. The best way. The middle way of two extremes.

Even eating could be haram if by doing it, a man would destroy the safety and the well being of  himself. Should we rule out eating as haram too? 

Religion is defined by the Koran, the Hadith and the Ijtihad of the Majority of Ulama. If we lose this fine guideline and hierarchy, then guidance would be replaced by our mere logic thinking. At that time, we would be prone to error and miscalculate and misjudge. We would end up misguiding many and their sins would be upon us, the ones that had showed the wrong path to them in the first place. And God help us if we ever tempted in adoring our own fragile views.

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