Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Politics, Zombies and the False Knights


I have to be careful from now on when I'm browsing the blogs written by some gentlemen of the East or known as the Malay of Asia. I could have mistaken them to be just some pornographic sites with the main actor ‘is said’ to be a well known desperate politician, so close to the throne of premiership. Politics can be a very, very dirty business when it falls into the hands of those who just think and judge based on their mere logic,  without consulting their judgments to their faith and inner conscience. 

For me, those who only judge with their logics are nothing more than mindless robots. Brainy but cold. How could they even imagine to put the name of Allah and Islamic materials on their webpage with a pornographic video?

Don't they ever learn that the end doesn't justify the means? 

So I salute those who admit their mistakes and retire from any leadership race when it is clear that they are not worthy to lead anyone but themselves. Maybe this politician should learn from a Chinese leader that amend his mistakes by admitting them, apologise for his errors and make a powerful comeback to the arena of politics.

So I salute those who resist the temptation of overdoing it. Cook it just nice and slow. Overdoing things might have an adverse effect, who would win then? The truth?

Almost everyone knows that what we are or were in front of the eyes of a beholder doesn't necessarily reflect our true existence or reality. Only the true hearts have these exceptional qualities, at times. On the outside, one could appear to be so knowledgeable, patient, pious, true, honest and all the virtues that are too long to be listed here. With a few ‘glaring’ incidents from time to time that almost reveal our  true self to the outside world. Mind you, we are all but humans, but never fear, many people like to believe what is easier for them to believe. It makes them comfortable with themselves, so most of our shortcomings aren't that obvious.

But, if we keep it up, the lies I mean, for a long and constant period of time, people would eventually notice them, sooner or later, except a few zombies. Zombies would never understand what is actually going on; since they do live up to their names, they are mere brainless zombies who rely on others to do the thinking for them. 

Nothing can influence them or change their mind set. Be it solid hard evidences, the related events and reality of the said solid documented facts concerned with their beliefs, debunked allegations/accusations that they have believed to be true, biased trials where the stand accused must clarify his misdeeds without ever mentioning the misdeeds of his accusers and of course, thousands of exposed lies. Nothing we can do could move these zombie-like creatures from their comfort zone. Zombies are what zombies do best. Ignorance is bliss.

Some non Muslims and Muslims are starting to question the behaviours of certain ‘pious’ and ‘knowledgeable’ Muslims in Malaysia. They find it quite hard to believe in the strict and high moral standards in Islam, particularly in Malaysia nowadays since most could only talk the talk but never did actually walk the talk themselves. Most are surprised on seeing how these 'pious' men who claimed to be from God's party, being so allergic to petty sins now and then, but they seemed to be immune to greater sins and the greater danger that awaits Malaysia if it ever falls into the hands of such amoral leader. Many innocents are fooled by them. They used the term 'fitnah' to scare out and censor dissidents. No, they are not religiously motivated. They are clearly politically motivated, in spite of their 'pious' beard and full covered clothing.

It's what you do and say that is more important than what you wear. But it is of course, much, much better if the skin and the flesh inside go hand in hand with one another.  Complementing one another, perfecting each other.

Let me put this simply like this, if a well-known established liar, who is known for his keenness to manipulate anything that is worthwhile to him, who is also a sodomiser and an adulterer, who keeps on deliberately slowing down the process of justice,  who is so afraid of trials, the list is long mind you, so I have to keep it short, is being defended without questions, supported and glorified as a Saint of the sinners,  by a political body that was so religiously founded, would any decent man believe in your kind intentions, whatever that may be?

Kind intentions are just what they are, they are kind intentions, and they are not real. Not unless you can practise what you preach. Taking into consideration that humans do err and not many could have right their wrongs as fast as they occur, an exposed truth and lies must not deceived us so easily from acknowledging our own honest mistakes. 

Humans err. We remedy them by ceasing them slowly or immediately and follow our evil deeds with good deeds in order to cleanse our sins. Only the Devil refused to acknowledge his mistakes. And kept on blaming others for his own shortcomings.

So, I would be in the defensive mode by trying to explain to these misunderstanders of Islam what a 99.9999 to 100 percent Muslim looks like and what a 45 - 50 percent Muslim looks like, their obvious similarities and glaring differences to these people. And I have to remind some of them that the passing marks to be a good, practising Muslim would be around 70 to 80 percent of the whole assessment marks of a perfect human, that called himself  or herself as a Muslim. The 150 to 200 percent Muslim would of course doesn't make the perfect cut either since it is obvious that he or she is ‘far higher’ than the last Prophet sent by Allah to mankind before doomsday. They are not prophets so they better start behaving not like one.  And God forgives all sins. The only thing that a sinner has to do is stop the sins, repent and compensate victims or ask their forgiveness. Don't ever forget that and simply judge others based on what they are or what they are doing now. We do not have any knowledge regarding the future. Stop pretending like we are a knower of everything.

We are absolutely not prophets or messengers of God so we better start acting like one, just an average person that is not free from mistakes and constantly willing to learn from them. If we have any shame and fear left in our heart that is. Not of mere 'wise' judging mortals, but foremost, to the One and Only that has created death and life to reveal who are among us that are better in his/her deeds.

This life is not a competition of the best actor or actress in a real life drama nor it is about who has the biggest turban or the longest beard or who could convinced the most. This is a real life, in a real time competition of who is the most honest and true to his word and himself, despite of severe mockery and undeserving praises made by mere mortals to him or her.

God is just. And the test ends only with our timely death, not before. Don't ever forget about this truth.

Sometimes, it baffles me on seeing and knowing how these zombies make a fool of themselves. I wish I could call or name them as the innocents but they are not. They knew exactly what they had falsely believed in.

It is what had defined them to the others in the first place. It is what they had considered as defining their existence and self-worth in the eyes of those who has not created them nor have played any part in defining the truth and the false, the good and the evil by the Divine Creator, the One and Only.

They have judged based on mortals' judgements. The same people that have the same advantages and weaknesses as he or she has, maybe far much more or even much lesser in certain variables. So do we really need to put ourselves below them?

These zombies have done much harm to themselves, while dragging many true innocents with them into the black hole which they can never, ever escape. They have let themselves be deceived, so it is entirely their own fault, not others. They have but themselves to be blamed.

And for that, I have to express my thankfulness to the One that has guided me to the truth when overwhelming lies dominated and triumphed in the hearts of so many and I was almost becoming one of them.

Thank you my Lord for showing me the way. Thank you for showing me my own weaknesses so that I won’t be fooled by my own stupidity and arrogance. Do not let me judge by my own imperfect judgement.

Help me and guide me always, now and foremost when I face death alone without any human interference and dominance.

Alhamdulillah. All praise be to Allah.

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