Monday, December 19, 2011

A Soldier In The Shadows

Viewer discreation is advised. The photos revealed in this video are very, very disturbing and would never, I repeat, never be published in Jihadwatch, Faithfreedom or any other Islamophobic and Muslim hater 'truth' website crusaders. Oh, Danny boy didn't know about it too. The Muslims are just a bunch of thugs that hate 'the freedom of the West' and love killing heavily armed terminator-soldiers invading their homelands. Killing them on daily basis. Would this exposure get counted in "Muslim attack/terror since 9/11?

What say you Daniel Pipes? What say you?

What say you lying cowards?

And I'm afraid this exposure is only the tip of an iceberg.

Now do you understand? Now do you understand where all the hate came from?

Shame on the liars and haters. Shame on the warmongers. Shame on the hatemongers. May all of you rot in Hell.

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