Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Great Day


The Great Day is coming
The world keeps on turning
Whatever good you've achieved
Whatever bad you've managed to vanquish
Know that you were never alone
The One and Only is always watching
Are we worthy of the gift of life

The Great Day is coming
The Great Test will keep on rolling
Please do not be despair
It's the will of the Creator for life is such
The Good cannot relent in complacency
The Astray must not be left without advice
The Feral must not be left in errors
The Evil must not be left in tyranny

It is the will of the Creator that life is such
A Great Test for each soul to endure
To suffer in humility
To overcome infamy
To hope when all is lost
To help the hopeless and the helpless
To bring the divine light to the despair and the forgotten

And becoming our own true self of goodness
And reverting to our original form when we were born
Correcting our errors and mistakes
For letting things went out of hand
For wandering into temptations
For being afraid to be true to our own selves

Do not worry too much
About this life
Everything will work itself out
It always will, it always does when the time is right
All we need to do is to contribute
A little sweat, sacrifice and advice
Enduring pain, seen and unseen
So at least a soul will eventually find its true self
In the temporary abode in the labyrinth of life.

Salam Aidilfitri.

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