Thursday, December 18, 2014

Neither Here nor There


They say Muslims are being pushed to the wall. Cornered, surrounded. Alienated. Defenseless. Hopeless. Technologically backward. Depending on others for warfare. Occupied with a losing battle. Constantly repelling others and their brothers in bloody prolonged conflicts, with the end still out of sight. Easily lured to terrorism by the ones they hated most. Having merciless and deadly enemies all over them (some even have become like them).  In war, and more dangerously, in peace. Dominating the economy. Muslims seem to be condemned of having others dominate their taken for granted lives. Invading all aspects of their lives and existence. Like an invading organism taking over the home of their unsuspecting host.

In the borderless world, initiated not by them. Muslims are losing the information war. Where not just information and positive knowledge are abound. The darker side of it all, as what that exist in all of us, remained accessible, whether we like it or not.

Frustrated Muslims are easily seduced to the darker side of humanity. After all, they are only humans. As you and me. As all of us. As what a frustrated man would do in a circumstance of a dead end. All is left would be the path of destruction. It is the only much better option than a dead end. One gets to move on. Being stuck, neither here nor there, would not be an option for those being under onslaught, be it in a war or in peace. It's a human dignity fulfillment and requirement that most (man-users) found unimportant in a world of paper and plastic wealth that generates preference to having billions of money while billions of people are starving and dying. And this is the 21st Century mind you.

I've sent my two boys for their journey of manhood this morning. It costs around RM 120.00 per person for the procedure, using the latest technique available. Waiting outside were two Chinese boys with their parents, anxiously waiting for their turns. Circumcision is not an apparent Chinese culture nor in other culture except in Muslim and Jewish culture. Perhaps all is not lost. If only we can endure a little bit more, all the frustration and the pain of loss. By being true Muslims. Defined by the Koran, authentic Sunnah and the majority of scholars. Defined by those who value humanity instead of bricks of houses, endless wealth (before death) and the power of dominance.Defined by those who prefer a living person to be shown a better way of coexistence than a corpse that would feed more hate.

We can show to others, perhaps, that the road doesn't have to have a dead end.

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