Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Freedom is an illusion for many muslim women


I begin this posting with these quotations by Sarkozy who commented on:
Is drinking alcohol a freedom? Or
Waiting in a bar drowning endless beer and waiting for someone to partner with for the night a freedom?
Is commercialisation of naked woman a real freedom?

If you want to drink and party whuy don’t you do in the confines of your house rather than public space, when you know that the law of land prohibits that?

I don't think I have to elaborate more on this issue, but this is Ramadhan and I'm not going for any eat out sessions so I would fill the time of course.
Freedom, cried William Wallace aka Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Go check it out. It's awesome. What is freedom for us human beings actually.

Well for the early settlers or immigrants from the economic depressed of Europe and the Great Britain it means the sacred gift of right to kill and plunder anyone that isn't white and Christians in wherever they may roam. Check out the maps of today's world. USA, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, ops! The native blacks got them back after much miseries of course.

For sex lunatics or sex oriented being, it is a sacred right to party all night with whomever they chose to, be it their own daughters, like famous incest cases throughout the world, their own mothers, sisters, fathers, same sex or not, with or without consent or not, be it date rape or brutal gang rapes or even pedophile where babies n children not even menstruated or had experienced the wet dreams are lured by cheap tricks into sexual endeavors by psychotic sex maniacs. Ops! I forgot, sex with your own dogs, donkeys, monkeys n also horses to add to the pun n porn of course n video taped it to be share with the common brains of the dullards. N oh, killing mercilessly the byproducts of their joy n fun. The unborn fetus n babies, or even when they do born, a quick unmercifully death by starvation in some secret areas, the toilet bowls or the septic tanks. If they are lucky enough they end up in plastic bags hung on someone's fence or doorsteps.

Abortion is not a sin to the modernity practitioners and sadly, Christianity too since they thought and believed that the one that betrayed Jesus Christ, son of Mary that died on the cross by the might of God that turn him to look like Jesus for his treachery is ever convinced that they are not accountable for their misdeeds n actions since 'god's son' was killed brutally by god himself for letting mere weaklings of his own creation to do hideous things towards his son while he was watching of course so that he would show mercy on Christians because he was so pissed off at Adam n Eve for not listening to him. Yes, the original sins. You were born with it remember? If U have seen Sasha Grey in action, I don't think U would be interested in sex anymore.

For sick killers n murderers, it is the license to kill indiscriminately n without mercy let alone remorse in defending themselves from other's rights, lands, houses, babies, families and the wealth of Nations aren't meant for them for the taking. It is a simple way out of any guilt or consciousness until it end up filling their lungs and veins and boom! suicide or a senseless drunkard is born. U see, a human being can never fool himself of the reality that he had done for certain period of time. Some maybe, with an exception of Ariel Sharon, Madoff and other loony toons that are n were famous throughout the worlds n histories. What do U expect? They are n were toons remember?

What are U free to do today? Mugging your neighbours, spying on their sexual activities, killing some toddlers or maybe just bashing me with stupid remarks and curses that would never ever even scratch my alpha wave brain. Have U check your brain wave lately? Or the damage being done to your internal organs for consuming alcohol n swine? I dare U. Go catch the movie Gabriel. It would blow your mind away.

Alhamdulillah. Thank U Allah for showing me the truth about Islam n You when my mind was crowded by lies n accusations laden with hatred n fear throughout the world.

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