Monday, September 7, 2009

Heroes of the day

Oh, where, Oh, where did my little dog gone?
Oh, where, Oh, where can he be?

My, my, the Hindu Shrine issue in Shah Alam sure is getting out of hands eh? Malay apologetics quickly rephrased n rephrasing their statements. I guess they never learned the meaning of the word consistency and what it can do to your character.

Last thing I heard, those who paraded with the head of the cow, first chopped by the butchers and its meat were sold in a market and consumed by creatures that only eat holy meat, is going to get the swift justice treatment unlike the Hindu rioters that bashed to pieces the heads of Malay policemen when Hindraf was crowing proudly in the lands of the Malay and even sent letters to her majesty, the queen of England, crying for help since the Serbian had landed and they were going to be treated like Muslim Bosnians and Christian Croats of course.

The Malays sure won't get special treatments from their own so called leaders specially not like the herd mentality unConfucious Chinese when they attacked with Molotov cocktail and axes, the officers of the law that were doing their job of culling their disease spreading pigs. No arrest for those who dangled the head of wild boars on mosques n Malays' houses of course. You can't touch the Hindu Indians and the unConfucious Chinese remember? They are the untouchables of the lands of the Malay.

It is a different story for the Malays of course. You are going to get arrested, stripped of titles, positions in the party and even outcast if you are showing that you are defending the Malays, to eh, preserved racial harmony. N you will never hear anyone apologising to anyone even when they are in the wrong, except of course, Malay apologetics that without any shame, even apologised when the Malays had done nothing wrong!

Congratulations heroes! The colour of your skins do change accordingly. Yes, yes, just like the charming Chameleon. Well, to tell U the truth, the Malays are beginning to trust UMNO once more because of the issue, but then some of U got to blow it up. Now it's back to square one. Hmm.

It's Ramadhan and the Muslims, the majority had to face this kind of shits, poor Malays. Even their Indonesian unIslamic brothers, I'm not sure which tribe they belong to, are seems so eager to attack Malaysia and stole back all the cultures and the songs that had been stolen by their own brothers, cousins and sisters.

Gezz, I guess they were influenced by the Darwinist eh? I don't think they believe that all men are descendants of Adam n Eve and I think they can't differentiate between Malaysia and Singapore anymore or I guess they never learned Geography and about the Malay Archipelago eh? I guess it would be weird and totally awkward to see the Chinese and Indians here are no longer allowed to practised their language and cultures and songs of their own heritage eh?

Now do you understand why Indonesia is heavily stricken by the wrath of God? The tsunami struck when the Muslims were blood drunk of their own brothers n sisters of the same faith. They even mercilessly machine gunned unarmed women, children and men when they were protesting the cruelty of the Indonesian armies. N God had judged them. Well, humans are forgetful being after all. I guess U don't even remember the word Pompeii eh? Yes, yes, they got to be preserved for eternity just like the great pyramids, the only difference is it is they themselves are being displayed like statues of the unholiness of men. Yes, the sex and the porn, like always.

Oh, I forgot to mention, 35 Malaysian medical students are going to help the earthquakes victims in Pangalegan, South Bandung. Yeah, they are still going there instead of the hostility shown by their own siblings, brethren of the same language and colour of the skin and inhabits the same Malay Archipelago.

Yes, they are being good to their own blood brothers of course.

Poor Malays. Everyone seems so eager to push the Malays of Malaysia to a corner. I guess they just didn't get it eh? The Malays must surrender everything. I mean everything to please the Indonesians, the Hindu Indians and the ever confused unConfucious Chinese. At time like this, I would reflect the faces of my gentle Indian friends that would dance Indian classical dance for me and my vegetarian Confucious Chinese friends and of course my hardworking Indonesian friends here.

The bomb is ticking guys. I hope everyone would come to their senses before it really goes out of hand. PAS and PKR? They got no balls man. They are being hush, hush as always when it involved big things like these. They don't want to loose supporters that's all. Now do you know why I despise them. Their goat like beard, their fancy turbans and when it comes to real issues involving Islamic concerns, they quickly went into the hibernation mode. Leaving UMNO to deal with the anger of the Malays. Smart eh? Yes, just like the Zionist!

Show restraints my brothers. It is Ramadhan. We are fasting. We can't loose our temper. Don't get mad, remember? As our beloved holy prophet reminded us again n again through his exemplary ways and in his hadith. Cool down. We got our vote to settle the score. Just remember to vote our own. Never the undeserved, the ungrateful bunch whoever they maybe. Open your eyes and see your true enemies!

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