Tuesday, December 8, 2009

102 minutes against 1,000,000,000,000 minutes


Watched a touching documentary just now. It was full of emotion. It depicted the events of 9/11. Yes, the date that destroyed 2,752 innocent Americans and brought hell to Iraq n Afghanistan with death tolls 70 to 80 times higher than that and still counting. It was very depressing to see all the confusion, destruction and suffering. But like the title of the documentary, it only lasted for 102 minutes. The grudge last longer, of course.

Lets round it up to 2 hours. So that I may emphasis the resemblance of the terrifying hours endured by the civilians at Iraq n Afghanistan. I could not leave out the Gazans since they too had endured a terrible experience similar to the Americans that were on the scene or near the place of incident. The horrors were surreal. No one deserved such a cowardice and inhumane attack. Civilians are never a legitimate military target. Not then, never now. Forget the laws, forget the conventions. It is the basic human perception. Our basis of comparison that made us a humane human being. Only terminators are born without it. Robots don't have feelings, remember? So do cold blooded killers that kill those who cannot kill them.

It also documented some immediate reactions from bystanders that watched the attack on giant screen, safe and sound from it all. "pulverized them, their mothers", "kill them all, bomb them right now" are among the comments that catch my attention. Pardon me if I misquote them. It was quite chaotic and disorienting of course, so it's hard to tell.

Everyone was shocked, some were angry and full of hatred. But that was it. It was an isolated attack, not overwhelming like what the civilians in Gaza, Iraq n Afghanistan had to endure. They don't got the chance of watching the events from a safe haven, away from it all. They are in the middle of the destruction. The Palestinians since 1948 till now, 2009 and 2010 is just around the corner.

There is a slight difference between 9/11 and the utter destruction that follow suit. The Gazan, the Iraqis and the Afghans are still dying and crying to this very day. Can U imagine the look on their faces when they found out that the highly advanced bombs that killed their babies, children and loved ones are homegrown in the USA?

Civilians are civilians. Their religion n race don't make any difference. The suffering is the same. The hate that comes after it is quite similar too. Is it too hard to understand? I forgot one more thing, Muslims died too in the attack, but the media only highlighted the attackers, not the victims. To generate hate of course. What else?

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