Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What If?


When things go wrong or something bad happened, some would easily take it for granted and start finger pointing to play the blaming game. One must be quick at pointing finger in fear that everyone was going to actually be pointing at him. Well, that's life. Everyone wants to be praised and respected, even most of the time, if not largely unknown, especially to himself, the blame was entirely his.

2009 is ending. A new year is coming. The same old story would of course, kept on continuing. Everyone would be on their nerves. Well, maybe not exactly everyone. Mostly would keep on being oblivious of what's happening around them and how fragile the peace and prosperity that they are indulging themselves with unlimited pamperedness. Most of us, if not some, are actually spoilt brats. The nitwits, over sized stomach and all, especially our heads. We were like the proud Spanish nobles that never look their servants in the eye and has less care except of our own comfort and wimps.

Muslims and Islam I suspect, would be the sun that all the planets of our solar system would circle upon. It would be a centre of accusation and the cause of all the wrong that exist and existed. Being violent and extremely impolite seems to be the X factor of gaining popularity and attention of the mass. Some are so addicted of being under the beam of attention that it blinded them of seeing the truth. Seeing the 'what if'?

What if his heart stopped beating tomorrow, what if the final battle that prophesied the coming of the Messiah is just around the corner after the first turning on the right? Two main religions believed him to be Jesus Christ, both largely disagree of the definition that defines him. One, totally rejected him, saying he was not the Messiah as foretold in their prophecy. The rest, I'm not so sure.

Many had lost their lives in 2009. Some mourn for their fallen soldiers that died for their motherland in someone else's fatherland. All of them died for their country. Most died for their leaders' greed for blood, both black and red. The hate generating industries cost some to loose tens of millions, while profiting others in billions. That is why peace must not be achieved by the human race. Who's going to feed the offspring of the arm dealers and military contractors? They can't afford to drive a Honda or a Proton. They only knew how to drive a Porsche or a Lamborghini Diablo by being El Diablo themselves of course.

On seeing so much miseries and suffering that would even baffled Genghis Khan and the great Mongol horde that rode with him, one cannot but wonder what if the Ottoman was not defeated at the gates of Vienna in 1683? Vlad the Impaler did his best, well actually his worst like he had done before the Muslims invaded his homeland after deliberate provocation and intimidation on his part. What if the great Spanish nobles that ruled Andalusia weren't defeated nearly a century before that?

Why am I asking such an impossible probability? Well, U see, the deaths and suffering that Europe had to endure after Islam was stopped from reaching the hearts of the Europeans were totally out of this world. Lives were worthless. Most were Khmer rouged long before Khmer Rouge even existed. Fear filled the lungs of the Europeans and terror reigned for centuries. Iron maiden was invented, so did hundreds of torture instruments that were created just for the sake of torturing the helpless and the broken to satisfy the beastiality needs of inhumane humans that adore the 'son of god' that had been tortured and crucified brutally of course for their salvation. So, remorse is out of the question. So they did what they did and Europe suffered for more than a thousand years. Yes, just like India that prospered for a thousand of years under the Mogul. They were Muslims of course and just like Spain that prospered for a thousand year under Spanish nobles that were also Muslims, well almost a thousand years.

The fragmented Holy Catholic Roman kingdoms won't unite and form Germany that would engaged other fragments of the Holy Catholic Roman kingdom and annihilated ten of millions more Europeans twice, taking the rest of the world into despair. What if the peaceful Buddhists were actually peaceful? Shinto Buddhist followers won't attack other Asians on the faith that Asia is for Asian, with the Japanese being the supreme being of course, and the Buddhist Siamese kingdom won't annexed Malay kingdom, which boiled 'South of Thailand' to this very day and there won't be any killing field in Kemboja, a name of a beautiful with mild scented flower.

And millions of babies won't be aborted in the highly civilised West and sexual related diseases won't be rampant in our world, with the exception of swine flu, of course. Only recently in the lands of the Malay, the H1N1 flu can actually be called as swine flu. I don't know what is the sensitivity related to it. But it is surely, completely preposterous. The birds weren't given such dignity of course, the avian flu was named after them almost in an instant without any doubt or hesitation. Poor the birds of a feather that flocks together.

Europeans are given the second chance of knowing and learning about Muslims and Islam. Let see how they cope with it this time. Each action I'm afraid would of course have a reaction. In Britain, a discussion has been made about the truth of the Islamification of Britain by nearly a million Muslims over almost 50 millions Christians! I wonder how that turned out. I mean, the discussion of course.

I know I didn't elaborate on the details and the years of the so called events of horrors and killings to support my point of view. Maybe you can do it on your own and figure it out yourself, I mean, by looking at the timeline and the incidents or events that coloured it. Maybe I'm just sparking the interest of the knowledgeable to write something about it on their blogs or websites.

I would do it if I have the time. Tiredness and sadness is taking the toll on me. I am after all, only human. I have to unwind. But I'll be back with a vengeance, of course.

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