Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wow, someone is messing with my alexa traffic ranking. Maybe at last, it's starting to bug someone that is laden with green envy. Have to dump it for a while since when I'm trying to fix it, it took me to No, not, it's a phishing site where they steal all your infos esp. credit cards or other things that they could exploit. Man, I thought of using it to annoy the guys from

Now I have to search for something else for a while. Hope could fix my traffic ranking asap n killed the phishing site that copied her name. Thanks guy. I mean my saviours. They sure do come in handy. But it was a close call indeed. Beware, beware, hmm. Kind of remind me of the Labyrinth when Sara was getting close to the Goblin King's Castle. Interesting eh?

Or am I being paranoid and my saviours were overdoing it?

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