Saturday, December 5, 2009

Anger, Anguish N Fear

Emotion is the nature of a human being. Some say that even animals are endowed with emotion, if not, how could it be able to take care of its little ones, nursing them till they grow up and dying to protect their bloodline that would of course ensure the survival of the species.

Sex is a very interesting phenomenon. Without it there would not be a continuity. No one and no animal would desire to find their soul mate and thus ensure the link of life would not be broken.

The Father or dominant male would be responsible in taking care of his family. He had to find or provide food, prepare shelter and prioritise accordingly. Sometimes at the expense of his own pleasure or satisfaction. The Mother would nurse her beautiful fragile little being with shape n size not similar to the adult, but just nice to be cuddle and taken care of. Can U imagine if we had to take care of a baby just about the size of us?

What drive this maternal instinct? Well, it's emotion of course. The beautiful and lovely feelings that we have almost non stop, even experiencing them in dreams. Some dreams are so intense that a boy that is in a journey of adulthood would be embarrassed to wake up the next morning to find out that he had 'pee' in his pants. The good feeling lasted even after the boy had woken up to make sure he didn't confuse himself afterwards, of course.

So ladies n gentlemen, sex is a very beautiful existence and the purest act a man and a woman can do to express their love. Would U prefer to say that U are the result of something hideous and revolting? I bet we would prefer to claim that we are the symbol of the love and affection of our beloved father and mother that was bonded with a sacred vow, witnessed and celebrated by others in mass gathering. It is a holy bond between the descendants of Adam and the descendants of Eve. A holy matrimony that ensures the survival of mankind.

But this bond is being tainted as we speak. It is no longer considered as a sacred event. Well, the Christian priests or nuns at certain level denounce secretly the holiness of marriage. They chose the way of the unnatural. Their reason is to be close to God, following the example of Jesus Christ.

I still remember a scene from Conan the Barbarian where he met with a holy man that put himself in a barrel full of some kind of oil, only getting out to pee and eat. The reason? He wanted to get rid off his manhood by staying as long as he can in the oil so that it would slowly dissolve itself and the evil that transpired by it.

Anger, anguish n fear are sometimes needed to prolong our existence. Most of the time, they are a great hindrance of achievement and success and the betterment of ourselves. It is always easy to get mad, frighten and sad. What's difficult is composing ourselves in dealing with them so that all the negative can be turn to positive as quickly as we can. It is always easy to discipline our students or children, the difficult part is convincing them that what they were doing was wrong and what we are doing is right. That what really matters in the end of the day.

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