Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bukhara: The Minaret That Survived Ghengis Khan

Picture taken by Peter Price,

Domination. The word itself is very provoking and caused resentment by those who were brought to their knees or are still on their knees before their tormentors. It means the act of subduing others, especially other humans, to do as to your will. Yes, you got to play god over the rest of the 90% identical beings as you are, that cried and felt pain and humiliation like you do. The only 10% difference is, you get to laugh at their miseries as they watched in horror and awe of how a magnificent monster you have become. Having so much power over other beautiful and intellectual supreme beings that ruled this dying old planet, the Homo sapiens, ops sorry, the human beings, according to the Cheyenne, mighty hunters of tatanka, the great beast that dominated the great plains a long, long time ago.

The Angkar or Pol Pot played god over the Kampucheans, Mao over the Chinese, Stalin over the Soviets, Hitler over the Europeans, American presidents over the human race and last but not least, the ones that kept on breaking their promise to God, the Zionist Israelis that returned to the land in mass which God Himself had banished them from. The same God that saved them from the Egyptian Pharaoh with the guide of His prophet, Prophet Musa a.s. The same God that had forbidden their return until the coming of the Messiah.

The Christian Zionists are in some sick agenda of fulfilling a deluded prophecy, so until I have enough understanding about them; I'm holding my tongue. But some just say that they are the slaves of the Zionist Jews themselves, who feed them and fatten them up, so that they would be loyal devout goyyims, unable to think beyond their gutless guts. The guardians of Zion against the good and the brave of the human race, all across the globe.

In America, even though they'd tried as hard as they can, Islam seems to be thriving there. So, to all Muslims, especially Americans themselves, cherish this, and stop supporting the radical views of an armed jihad against everyone. Don't be like the Zionist Israelis. What would you say in front of your Maker? The right time will come. Hopefully not somewhere in the near future, a couple of hundred years more. When Muslims are being killed in mass everywhere and driven out of their homes, and suppressed just for being a Muslim. At that time, the call of jihad would be inevitable and all ulil amri would declare the holy war against the evil supreme and dominating enemy and every able man and woman would have to heed the call. Fiqh al Jihad by a renowned Islamic Scholar, Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, would be a good source for our understanding of Jihad. Self declared and armed jihad that is based on hatred and personal vengeance would only lead to fitnah that constitute chaos and anarchy that would endangered Muslims throughout the globe.

In remembering the slaughter of Muslims in Maluku by the Christian Bataks, I could not stop to notice how helpless and pointless it was to run and begging for your life. Everyone was in a killing frenzy and a Muslim was caught in the middle of it, and he was cut, stabbed right there in front of a law officer who did point his automatic rifle to stop the madmen but to no avail. The severed heads, of men, women and children, with their hands still tied up tightly by nylon ropes, dangled and shown as trophies by the Bataks, who laughingly put a cigarette in one of the severed head, a reminiscent of the cruelty of the midget Samurais that rape Nanking and Manila. Yes, the evil ones do have things in common. The ability to laugh in the face of other's miseries, just like the hell bikers on Harleys that had a road trip. Drinking and laughing while watching the fancy willy petes toasting the Gazans. Hope I can find it on youtube or somewhere and post it here, in case you don't believe me.

You see, Genghis Khan and the Mongols were sweeping the world with his Mongol riders, dominating other races and ravaging the rich Muslim nations. When he was at Bukhara, somewhere in Uzbekistan, as he did with other nations that resisted him, he destroyed everything to the ground except the Kaylan Minaret, dating back to 1127. The reason was said because he was captivated by its beauty. But we won't know now would we? Maybe we can ask about 60% of Swiss citizens and they can compare their logic with Genghis Khan. Sadly, the historic Babri Mosque wasn't so lucky. On 6 December, 1992 the mosque was destroyed by the Taliban, ops sorry, by the Hindus who called themselves Hindu nationalists.

Oh, according to a finding by Global Finance in collaboration with, had listed the ten biggest banks according to their total assets in the Middle East as of the end of 2008. They are, Emirates NBD, UAE - US$76.9 billion, NCB, Saudi Arabia - US$59.1 bil., Bank Melli Iran, Iran -US$45.5 bil., Samba Financial Group, Saudi Arabia - US$47.2 bil., Arab Bank, Jordan - US$45.6 bil., National Bank of Abu Dhabi, UAE - US$48.2 bil., Al Rajhi Banking and Investment Corp, Saudi Arabia - US$38.1 bil., Bank Mellat, Iran - US$39.7 bil., National Bank of Kuwait, Kuwait - US$41.3 bil and Bank Saderat Iran, Iran - US$43.0 bil. The combined Iranian based banks' assets are 128.2 billions of real money, not some paper money printed in mass without any gold backings. Kind of reminding me of the banana money that Japan introduced in Malaya during the Japanese occupation which the Malays used to stack their pillows with. Dreaming of a rich man.

Now I know why Iran is an axis of evil as seen by Mr. Bushyhead and the millionaire, Mr. Bliar, his kind kindred. Can't let all the oil and money fall into the hands of the terrorists now can we? Hope you are willing to pay with more blood and anarchy coming your way. By the looks of it and according to history, these inglorious bastards wouldn't consider a thing in executing their agendas. Not unless, the very gate of their fancy mansion and beloved ones is about to be overrun by the ones they seek to destroy. Can you escape the circle of violence? Why don't you ask a Buddhist and listen to his wise answer.

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