Thursday, December 31, 2009

Viva Palestina: RM$17 billion of Nothingness

When IDF, the mightiest army in the Middle East invaded Gaza to seek and destroy the terrorists that been terrorising imported settlers worldwide, they accidentally killed 350 officers of the law. The IDF did showed some NATO mercy by dropping leaflets before dropping bombs but the problem is that where could one flee since all Gaza is an open season for sick killers full of vengeance and hatred. Being surrounded by monstrous apartheid walls, they had only one choice, to flee to Egypt with the risks of being shot at by Egyptian boarder guards or not allowed to return to Gaza, their homeland and being an outcast forever. Remembering Dier Yassin, one would not repeat the same mistake, so they chose to die rather than to flee.

You see, a teacher would never be allowed to use corporal punishment in dealing with disciplinary problems. He had to tediously investigate the root of the problems even if it took days and lots of time and hard work besides his core work, which is teaching. He can't just simply punish the whole class if one or two of them are trouble makers. If he did, he would be asked by the principal or headmaster or be questioned just like in The Hague. But that's life in school. Israel is a nation above nations, so it would get away with just about anything.

Last year in December, for almost 3 weeks, the Gazans were being threatened and killed randomly. The world watched in horrors, some with deep hatred and the dark urge to seek revenge without being selective on who got to live and die, yes, just like IDF itself.

In my opinion, Israel is victorious in a way. The world still watched in horrors without knowing what to do. All the humanitarian aids are still waiting on papers and at the Egyptian borders. Viva Palestina was blocked. So, not much can be done but wait until all Palestinians in Gaza died quietly or cut each other's throat, being so confined in such inhospitable and hostile conditions. Most of us would just wait patiently; some will not and would take matters into their own hands. Maybe some would say it's just been a year since the onslaught. They forgot the onslaught and slaughter started almost 60 years ago at Dier Yassin.

The clock is ticking. Obama is shading his skin. Muslims are still confused of what they could do. Most of their weaponry are imported goods and out of date and configured to defense not attack. Europeans had united, both politically and militarily. OIC is good but without actual military union, Muslims would always become sitting ducks, killed and oppressed in fear they would become dominant like the West and took its role in dominating the whole world. Yes, just like Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin and countless tyrants of Castle and Dungeons that dominated Europeans for a thousand years prior to World War One. Oh, the dungeon and the dragon of the middle ages still exist, Gaza is the dungeon, Israel is the dreaded timidly crying dragon!

Maybe it is time for us to reflect the meaning of the Hadith by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. when he said at the end of time, Muslims would be greater in numbers but would be just like the bubbles on the beach, following the tide and crushed at the beach repeatedly. Maybe we were actually infected by a disease known as al-wahn deep inside our hearts, too much love for this worldly life and the hatred of death.

When I was teaching somewhere not of my own, a father came to see his son and he sat at the back of the class and watched the teaching and learning process. Now, this is not a norm in the lands of the Malay, but I carried on and sometimes he would interrupt in a polite manner, in English if he thinks some of the children got carried away while doing the activity. When it was over, he came to see me and we have an interesting discussion. He said he was in a deep sadness and fear on what's going on with the Muslims around the world. He relates to me a Hadith that said at the end of time, everyone would be feasting on Muslims like they were having a feast of a celebration. His genuineness captures my heart. That was the first and the last time I had a conversation with this man. The next morning his son woke him up for Subuh prayer. Previously it has always been the other way around. He had returned to his Maker.

I wished I had prolonged our conversation that night.

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