Friday, January 1, 2010

Fight Fire With Fire

What would you do when you know that anytime soon your country is about to be attack by the strongest army in the world? Everything that you have loved and treasured is about to be raped, killed and destroyed with you get the first hand account of witnessing it. To put things in perspective, this army is supported by another equally strong military organisation that would make it strong enough to wage wars at all four corners of the globe. A military so advanced that made whatever you have would be sitting ducks. Obsolete tanks that can't find multiple targets at the blink of an eye at nights, out of date slow and unsteatlhy jets, inferior short ranged radar system, non nuclear based ammunition's and rockets for example depleted uranium and white phosphorous bombs, helpless babies, bewildered children, beautiful women and all helpless civilians in dense populated cities would be easy target for the pickings. To make matters worst, it is only you, against them all.

What would you do? What would the Salthans do? If it was me, I would not fight such an army head on. To dig trenches would be a waste of time. Tunnels might help, as demonstrated by the Viet Kong and the Gazans. Creativity in using them is also a required prerequisite to victory, if not a prolonged taxing war. A spread out army, with decoys and taqiyya would be nice to avoid concentrated fire power; especially mother of all bombs aka little nuclear bombs with conventional tag on it. Bunkers would be good, but again mobility would extremely help against civilians’ terminators aka flyboys. Any sense of threat of mother ship galactica must be dealt with. They keep on saying that they are going to attack me ok, so any threatening deployment would be dealt with severely. What the heck, I'm going to die with my families anyway, might as well do it while I'm still strong and my keris is not fully rusted yet after years of blockade. Look at Iraq; they comply with blockades after blockades, only to end up like they are now. In total mess, with the US have no absolutely any ideas, more likely any will on dealing with it.

I would send my loyal hulubalangs deep inside enemy terror, ops sorry, territories to destroy their will to fight. Some example of their own medicine in the world wars that they have fought cowardly, sorry again, not so bravely would be a perfect example to consider. Any respected base for launching the attacks would be considered as legitimate military targets, so guys if you don't want the piece of the hell I'm about to experience, stay neutral, like the Cambodian government during the Vietnam War.

Before I stand up against the monsters, have to do a quick check. Millions of stinger fighter teams, check. Millions of RPG fighter teams, check. Millions of sniper teams, check. Oh, don’t expect they are going to be where you think they are. They are everywhere. It’s a globalisation era right? Ok, I’m all set to die for your amusement. The world is the coliseum and the cheering spectators. My friends and I are the gladiators, like the early Christians that were captured by the Romans that were not so catholic at that time.

Ok, I'm all set to stand up to the Godzillas that have been ravaging everyone mercilessly and proudly. Everyone else gets to die; only they have the right to prosper and live happily ever after. Hmm, got to think about the nuclear bombs now. What would I do? What would the Salthans do? Cry?

Maybe I should learn something from Libya's diplomacy and Alexander the Great. There is always time for something and a change in strategy than being annihilated by a greater enemy. Maybe I should withdraw and learn something from the Hudaibiyah treaty. Wits over muscles. Hmm.

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