Saturday, January 2, 2010

Malaysia 'Allah' Ban Overturned by High Court

I had an argument with my 9 year old daughter yesterday. She insisted that I have to remove my cupboard in her bedroom. She said the cupboard is occupying a large space in her room and she is greatly annoyed with that piece of wood. Unknowingly of the prized books in it. After a while, she got on my nerves and I used my veto power to shut her up.

Being her, she tried to move the big cupboard all by herself while crying just loud enough so that I would hear it of course. I went to her room angrily and screamed at her and pushed her down like a strong dominant male I am. She cried her hearts out. Touched by her tears and feeling completely like an idiot, I relented and helped her move the cupboard of books, not cups and ended up helping her cleaning her room inside out to purge my guilt of being an arrogant alpha male and an awful father that can’t consider the simplest request of some space asked by a tiny human being without any sacrifice on my part or annoyed anyone in the process.

God help me to be a better father to my children. Oh, recent news in the lands of the Malay. The herald won and is allowed to use the term Allah as a reference to God in their weekly tribunes. Well, hope it won’t reached Dutchlionfrens, a staunch opposer of using the name Allah for Christians, which I would state here, is uniquely referred to God. No plural forms, no identification with other creatures or their attributes, just God, nothing more. In my encounters with the Worldwide Web surfers, some of them showed an understanding to the meaning of the word, sadly not by heart. Some being totally stupid and sealed their fate.

Some claimed that Muslims that are minorities in their country, some ex-slaves of their mighty empire, for a couple of hundred years if not less than a decade are threatening them inside out. It seems the tiny Muslim population is increasing in power and dominion which in the same process had decreased their influence or self being or identification. Of what I’m not so sure. Is it because it shows some contradicting errors in their behaviours? Is it related to their freedom of unlimited sexual fantasy or some sick hobby of aborting unborn life? Is it because Muslims kept on reminding them about the ten commandments unknowingly?

Some claimed their hundred of years heritage is being threatened and their space is being taken and polluted by Muslims and Islam. Maybe if they didn’t invade and occupy Muslim nations while plundering and pillaging them for decades, they won’t have any poor Muslim immigrants coming to their sacred Christian lands. Maybe a compensation is in order and only then a total expulsion of Muslims and Islam can be carried out. But what about the white Muslims that were born there with hundred of years ancestry rooted in their lands?

Oh, by the way, Muslims had to endure immense suffering and humiliation by invading uninvited oppressors, Christians mainly, for hundred of years without any say. Are there any similarities between our historic experiences with nowadays threat that is faced by the Europeans? No one seemed remember Vlad the Impaler or the Templar knights that killed and tortured in the name of the cross. No one remembered the conflict, bloody and chilling to the spine, between the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestants or the Huguenots in France which saw humans being sawn alive with ropes. A slow and in despicable act of torture which saw Europe choked at the hands of tyrants and torturers. No one recalled Joan of Arc and what she stood for. I wonder why?

Before I recap my brain, let me ask you this. Do you know what happened to the Persians after the fall of the mighty Persian empire. Did you ever wonder what ever happened to the Byzantine citizens when the mighty Constantinople was toppled in the hands of Muslims, after years of initiating proxy wars against the Muslim Arabs? Do you know what happened to the Arabs when Islam swept across Arabia? What about the great Mongol hordes that became the golden tribe? What about Andalusia? What happened to them when Islam became dominant in their lives? Did they end up inventing the Iron Maiden and burning people in mass slowly on stakes? What kind of morphoses that occurred? How did they go down the pages of history? As bloody killers and sick torturers or conquerors of tyranny and darkness that polluted the sacred lands with the bloods of the innocents that were not just killed but tortured slowly in agonising death of hell on earth? History won’t lie. A true historian won’t either. Why should we?

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