Saturday, December 19, 2009


There is a mechanism that I want to share with you guys. When I was learning something related to the field of psychology, something that intrigues me until this day is the self defence mechanism that the brain invented in the time of crisis. The self defence mechanism or aka the self denial mechanism. Man is prone to errs. Sometimes no matter how hard he tries, something wrong eventually would happen and he has to come up with excuses so that he could dodge the blame and got guts to wake up in the morning and look at himself in the mirror without any disruption to his already haywire brainwaves.

He would look for excuses to justify the means, instead of justifying the end of the cause. I have to rely on my memory now since if I would look inside my closet, I'm afraid I would find some old skeleton that would frighten me to death, so I will try my best. You may correct me anytime, since you are more knowledgeable than me. N it won't hurt my pride a little bit since I don't have any cause having such pride would made me end up in hell. Why? Because no man can enter paradise with an atom weight of pride in his heart, no matter who he is, whether he's a Muslim or not. But don't worry. If you are good and honest with yourself and are immune to lies n hate, eventually good things will happen to you, trust me.

The Americans cook up excuses for bombing Cambodia and Laos for not stopping or aiding unintentionally the Viet Kong that is fighting for their unification in Vietnam. Being the traffic of arms and men that helped the Viet Kong killed and maimed American soldiers and interest in South Vietnam, the sin is unforgiven, therefore a large scale of bombing is unavoidable. Many were killed, the Malays of Cambodia or Melayu Champa, exotic wildlife, innocent Cambodians that lived in old wooden houses were blown to bits, since the Americans weren't sure where to bomb, so they bombed just about anything. You helped our enemy killing us ok, so you get what you deserved. What they failed to notice was the stark similarities of what they are doing now with Israel.

A voice of anger is growing in Muslim nations, what made a widespread or global scale of jihad from taking its course is the open declaration by President Obama that the US is not at war with Islam. If any wise Western leaders would declare openly that they are at war with Islam and Muslims, the result would be a catastrophe beyond imagination. No Muslim nations can contain the fiery blood of the clan of warriors in their country and all hell would break loose. But don't worry; since no one is stupid enough to declare it openly, everyone is safe, for the time being of course.

The Israelis and its sympathizers argues that there are more Arab lands compared to Jewish lands in the middle east, so there is nothing wrong with the Palestinians to buzz off and leave Palestine entirely to them since it was promised by their god. If this attitude is accepted as a rule of law n logic, I'm afraid one day, the Singaporeans with its might, especially having a big brother like Israel of course, would suddenly declared, duhh, we have only little piece of land to live in, the Malays had more lands than us, so I see nothing wrong of taking Johore and created a buffer zone to keep Singapore in harms way, just like Israel had done. No one dared to do anything about it, so don't you dare do anything bad to us. Where are we going to put all the immigrants we're importing all over the world?

Maybe I got it entirely wrong, but I'm just messing with your mind to show how wrong Israel is. What would you feel when someone says that you have to leave your home or give your backyard to someone else since your lawn is bigger than his? Does it make any sense? See, my god had promised your house to be rightfully mine, so get the hell out or die with the rest of your family! Is there any logic to it? When did your god give such a promise?

Is the promise still applicable to the same people? Yes they were Palestinians, but they forgot the stark difference. Almost 2,000 years ago, the Palestinians were rebellious transgressors who defied God. The Israelite was on the good side, but I'm still not sure to what extent were the borders of the Promised Land, since it is not stated in a grant or anything. If you used the Torah to pursue the legitimacy of your claim it would totally be unacceptable by those who do not share your faith and therefore void itself.

No Israelis or Zionists can deny that Prophet Musa a.s. brought the Israelite to Palestine from Egypt when they were enslaved and persecuted by the Pharaoh of Egypt. No Zionists can justify why did the Israelite were banished from the land that were given to them by God in the first place. God gave them the land, and He took it back. Aren't you curious what made God do it? Even the Jews, some of them of course, still believe that they are forbidden to return in mass to Palestine, since God had not decree His order yet. They have to wait for the messiah that would bring peace and harmony to the world and lead them back to Palestine. Not before or chaos would be the end result, like now.

The terrorists made their excuse of terrorising everyone by claiming that the Christians are waging a crusade on the Muslims and wished to be a dominant force again like they were during the middle ages. Their reason, the same holy land is in dispute and crusaders are invading Muslim lands at this very moment I'm writing this blog. Now, this reason or excuse is very hard to repel since the Westerners had miserably failed to make their objective clear in their strategy and in their military conducts. When Bosnians were being massacred by the Christian Serbians, NATO would kindly warn gunners to leave tanks or Serbian soldiers to leave their post, since they have to bomb it because the Serbians are overdoing it and it would make them look bad. Yes, I know. You forgot all about that. Instead, the NATO, if not all members, nowadays adopt a trigger happy policy, it's better them than us policy. This disregard of human lives would eventually trigger more hate and more terrorists through out the world. Instead of scaring the would be terrorists, they have made their resolve even stronger and deadlier.

How long do you think that it would take for every Muslims to be consumed by hate and abandoned their ulil amri? You see, what's keeping the Muslims at bay is that there is no unity among them. Salahuddin armies were not just Arabs. They were Muslims, united and one. The great Ottoman armies were not just Turks, again they were Muslims of all races and even helped by the Serbians at the time when they faced a terrible nemesis, Vlad the Impaler.

How long are you willing to fight a war on a global scale? How far are you willing to go? And how much are you willing to pay to achieve your goal? Make sure you come up with a good excuse to help you survive the day without any glitch in your complex nerve system. But I know the addiction to powerr, glamour, women and wealth is very intoxicating. Believe it or not, you have my sympathy.

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