Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Thing

The Thing

Among the movies that scare the wits out of me is the thing by John Carpenter somewhere in the 80s I think. I was quite young at that time I assure you, so my imagination is out of bound. You see, an alien species were discovered by a group of Danish scientist if I recalled correctly and unknowingly had unleashed a terrible species that prey on them and consume them and end up taking their place, replacing them totally inside out. The only difference of course, when you are taken by them, you ceased to exist. But in the outside it seems that you are still you, the only difference is the blood that flows under the skins are actually predatory monsters.

But somehow, finally they managed to destroy the aliens but a few survivors sneak into a dog that later brought the menace to an American scientists’ campsite. A Danish survivor that tried to kill the dog and warned the Americans about the sinister alien that they unintentionally protect, like Barnabas, was put to death for being crazy. They had no choice since he was raving mad and shooting at the dog recklessly while endangering the lives of the Americans.

Not long afterward, history repeats itself just like what had happened in the Norwegian camp. Everyone was deeply confused being not knowing who the real enemy was. Being so close to them. Talking and walking with them and even looks like them. Behave exactly like them and even act like them. Totally. Yes, just like the enemy within.

You see, that is what our real enemy usually do. They get closer and closer to us until they manipulate us and controlling us in the end. Without even we, ever realising what’s going on. Some would eventually do and try to fix things, but it is usually too little too late. The thing had gathered enough strength and now had become a gigantic beast that would consume everyone and dare to warn everyone, with heavy penalty, like JDL, if they dare to speak or act out against the thing’s will or interest. The Romans did it, the Zionists copied it perfectly. What’s the connection between those two? Ask the Christian Zionists. They know.

By the way, did you know who persecuted Christ’s loyal followers before the Romans become Christians and spread Christianity with the tip of the swords all over Europe? They were the first and ancient Christians, and believed in one God, the God Almighty but strangely they had held on to a set of scriptures that would later on known as the book of Barnabas, with reports of Christ’s words in it too. Just like a collection of Hadith or Muhammad’s words by Muslims.

Before I stop thinking, I’ll ask you this. Can you compare the testimony of faith by Muslims with the first Ten Commandments? Thanks for reading. I bid you good night.
The testimony of faith,
I bear witness that there is no God but Allah (which means God in Arabic)
And I bear witness that Muhammad is his (last) messenger (among a series of messengers of God to the human kind.)
A reference for your convenience,

PS: Do you know the meaning of the name of your god in your own faith?
No, I'm not trying to make a fool out of you. I never have. Except those who dare to ridicule my God and my prophet and being absolutely barbaric. The likes of them deserved my disciplinary action. I know they are dwellers of hell, n it's not my intention either to save them from themselves. It's you.

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