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Free Speech? Freedom of Expression?

Wow, N I thought only Muslims are not that open minded and always chicken out from an intelligent debate or discussion. Guess I was wrong. How some group of people justify things to clear their conscience still baffles me. I like to share a Malay saying with you guys, 'Paku dulang, paku serpih, mengata orang, dia yang lebih' which if translated in meaning of course, 'Don't say things about others when you yourself is worse than them'.

If people are sincere of looking for the truth, they shouldn't be only willing to listen to one side of the story, especially from the one that is known to be a liar and a hater for no obvious reason or for the wrong reason. Is it intellectual to be so daring to accuse but are so afraid to defend your point of views or standing? Is it just, that U got to say just about anything but when someone started to make U loose your nerve, you just simply shuts him up? Does it show something? I mean, how weak our points of arguments or understanding are?

An interesting article I've discovered with my name on it. In one of the comments I mean.
Do read up, thanks. Fee, fii, foo, fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!

{Practicing to Deceive

by Baron Bodissey

The serpent in EdenToday Dymphna and I have departed from our usual liberal policy concerning comments and commenters. This draconian action is a response to the destructive activities of a single commenter, so it’s only fair to offer an explanation for what we’ve decided to do.

Regular readers are familiar with Solkhar, who is a recently-arrived commenter on this blog. Solkhar is a Dutch convert to Islam and lives in Morocco.

When he first started commenting here, I engaged him, arguing with him about certain of his assertions. Eventually I learned that he would not concede even the most basic of facts — e.g. the statistical incidence of violence within Islam as compared with other religions — as legitimate data for a logical argument. That made it obvious that we could establish no common premises for discussion, and that he was commenting in bad faith. I gave up responding to him, since to do so would be a waste of my time.

Solkhar continued in his disingenuous ways, however. He lured other readers into lengthy verbal battles, always defending Islam while stepping deftly aside from addressing the important arguments and damning examples posed by his interlocutors.

Dymphna intuited that he was here to stir up trouble, to tie up the energy and time of our contributors and commenters in pointless bad-faith arguments. She considered him to be dishonest, ill-intentioned, and an agent provocateur.

This morning comes confirmation of her assessment, in Solkhar’s own words. One of our regular European readers just sent the following email concerning Solkhar:

Today I was looking to see if Solkhar had anything on GoV on his blog, and found out he is not out to discuss or comment at all. A few quotes from his own website (emphasis added):

In trying to gauge how bad it is, I played a game. Joining many forums and blog-sites under differing names and personas I role-played the conservative, someone from outside the west, as a westerner-liberal, European, Australian, American and so on, all with a little bit of truth or half-truths of my own real persona; to test the reactions…

Certainly I was mostly debating (or arguing) with a minority and my goal is to the more articulate blog-owners and websites…


…I participate in forums and blogs and battle their views which quickly turn bigoted and dangerous. So… I will pick more often on them.

- - - - - - - - -


Today I took a look at the bigoted, racist and down-right neo-Fascists out there that continue there garbage, it did not take long… [pointing at Lambeth Walk and others]

Two more weeks of holiday but I have some items that I will post on my exchanges with the Gates of Vienna blog — they will be interesting.


His goal is obviously to heat up the comments, to push and pull, until he has the quotes he wants and then be able to later on write at length on his own blog of what a bunch of neo-fascists we all actually are. And there is no way to respond to that, because in his website he does not allow comments: here is no “comment” section on my blog, I am not a hypocrit[sic] like some that allow it but will only chose [sic] those that suit them.

Solkhar, in a way, is playing a very dirty game.

Laine summarized Solkhar’s modus operandi in a comment on a recent post:

Solkhar’s pattern is emerging.

He “agrees” on the danger of Muslim radicals and the need for moderate Muslims to take them on but surprise! is very short of credible evidence that moderates as the West understands the word have any sway whatsoever over the direction of Islam.

As the price of this empty admission that is of no advantage to anyone interested in countering Islamic jihad, Solkhar inflicts reams and reams of apologia for Islam consisting of useless anecdotes and customized interpretations of the Koran that are either takiya or of some marginal small group who are not representative of mainstream Islam. For example, he constantly tries to sideline the damning hadiths as having no importance in Islamic theology.

Whether he wants people to enter his seriously deluded fairy tale world where the Koran is full of sweetness and light and Islam is a force for good despite the crimes it commits on a daily basis against peace and humanity, or whether he is a committed takiya artist (denying most Muslims even know what it means) the end result for this site is the same.

He wastes people’s time and that’s his probable goal. See the pattern. He draws someone in with what sounds like a reasonable admission on Muslim radicals. But he always spends more time denying or justifying Islam’s manifest sins. Eventually, people conclude as Erdebe did above that discussion with him is unprofitable. Then he casts out another loss leader so that he can sell some more BS about Islam.

Push him and the patronizing, entitlement, bigotry and anger start showing. His clear hatred of Geert Wilders is a dead giveaway of his real thoughts.

It has become obvious that Solkhar is weaving a tangled web in his activities here. Dymphna and I have decided that we will no longer allow any of its strands to be anchored at Gates of Vienna.

As of today we will be deleting all comments by Solkhar as soon as they appear, regardless of whether they are civil, temperate, on-topic, or show decorum. Solkhar is now persona non grata at Gates of Vienna.

We will also delete the comments of those unfortunates who choose to respond to him.

If he takes on a new identity and uses a different pseudonym, that incarnation will also be deleted as soon as the new deception becomes apparent.

Goodbye to all that!}

[yeah, goodbye to all that, thank God we won't be embarrassed again, phew!] - (I can read minds U know =P -srizals)

Taken from the gates of Vienna

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