Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Defeat the Local Terrorists


My luxury of free time is coming to an end. Even now I have to prepare materials and paper works to start another session of another kind of jihad that not all are aware of, even Muslims themselves. The jihad or the struggle of bringing enlightenment or knowledge to others and sacrificing and risking your own in helping others to be wiser than before. Yes, I got well paid of course, almost, but it's just one requirement, because you see, I am a two in one person, my heavenly part doesn't need food n drinks but my earthly part needs most of what earthly being needed of course. It would be illogical to ask me to teach for free. How am I going to sustain my children and wives, ops sorry, wife?

There's nothing wrong with that. It is needed in this life of ours. Materialism in some aspect does serve us, for a good purpose that is, but it is not undeniable having too much of it or putting a higher priority to it could be damaging in the end. To our heavenly part and sooner or later to our earthly part also. So it is left entirely to us to observe this delicate balance. How much did we spend on good? How much did we spend on evil? And how much did we spend between those two? Whether it is our wealth, health and time, each one of them is going to be asked for by our Lord and Creator that had granted them all in the first place to us in this test we call life.

I kept on hearing the annoying sound of chainsaws of illegal loggers cutting down precious tropical hardwood in my neighbourhood. You see, Malaysia is facing a siege of illegal loggers and those who are burdened with ensuring the safety of this delicate precious wealth of my land seemed to be losing out. I don't know what exactly is the hindrance since Malaysia doesn't have that too fancy road system or the vastness of the great plains of the USA, laziness I presume? Lack of transport? Lack of wits? You see, a teacher could never left his school without consent, or playing truant, I wonder if this is applicable to the officers in charge with our safety and wealth.

I'm being annoyed by traffic summons which I've never commit. It seems I'm being a speed demon almost 400 km away from my average roaming domain and they said they caught me on camera and I have to proof that it wasn't me by driving all the way there and buying the picture of me making some fancy drift move. My, my, what a very logical and understanding officer of the law that I have in the developing lands of the Malay! Why didn't they stop the driver that was pulling the stunt, photographed his handsome face with his, sorry my look alike car and registered number and save me a lot of time and money that I'm not going to spend for such poorly executed road safety counter measure. No wonder the menace of Mat Rempit and accident fatalities seemed uncontrollable by the ones who are burdened to ensure otherwise. If a teacher would have such privileges, I wonder what would happen to our future generation.

Please do your job kind officers. If one can't be perfect, at least put some effort to achieve perfection. The recent hike of almost 40 to 50 percent pay should increase you commitment or presence in where you are required most, such as prone areas of illegal logging usually took place like the roads leading to precious trees, or streets known to be a ring for speed demons and snatch thieves. It ain't so hard to figure it out if you don't mind squeezing your brains a little bit. Don't make a habit of hanging out in your fancy air conditioned rooms or social gatherings, laughing and having a ball, it would make our tummy bigger, raised our blood pressure and also made us prone to diabetes. Forget workouts, do your job and sweat on it, dearly. Let the culprits run for their lives, always and tiredly gasping for air in doing their evil deeds and you too while doing your good deeds. CCTV won't work. The foot soldiers must be there, camouflaged of course. Stop wasting our wealth on fancy things with little effectiveness.

I'm not kidding. The snatch thieves that stole RM30 to buy some drugs while killing their victims in the process and stroke fear in every one's heart, the illegal loggers that made billions by plundering our wealth and speed demons that are endangering road users are the unglamorous terrorists. They maimed and killed for the stupidest reason of them all, just for their own fancy. And that made them the hideous terrorist of them all. The casualties and loss of money are very real and taxing too.

To the officers of law and enforcement that sweat it out and totally committed, always thinking two steps ahead of the bad guys and not choosing the easy way out, I salute you. If not for you guys, the bad guys would always have their ways. Alhamdulillah.

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