Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hideous and Revolting

In the memory of the victims of Angkar, the godly atheist organisation if I may, that ruled Cambodia under another godly human figure; one could not imagine the horrors that ruled the day. They were atheists like the Bolsheviks and the unconfucious Chinese that preyed on their own brethren to impose their beliefs and ways of life that they considered as higher and wiser than the ways of those who had religion.

This dogma, that saw humanity at the brink of annihilation seems miraculously unconnected with the current atheist movements throughout the world, sadly even among Muslims, lacking with understanding of their own faith of course.

Some tried to inflict Muslims of being the same democide or genocide perpetrators, but one could not imagine the horrors and the dire situations that they were facing at that time, the Turks I mean. They were being overrun and facing their extinction. Bad things would of course happen in such a time. They were facing the world and the Christians that were loyal subjects before, had betrayed them and joined the feeding frenzy of the Turks at that time. But unlike the other genocide and democide that happened throughout the century, the world seemed reluctant to declare that Turkey was like the USA or the West, exterminators of the great Indian civilisations of America, both north and south.

Tu Quo Que I think, but still, the efforts had not been abandoned. What I failed to understand is why don't they show some efforts in stopping the current genocide that is still taking place, right here, right now in Palestine?

I read a very dark story in my local newspaper today. It seemed that Israel had been extracting internal organs, especially cornea from the dead without consent. What troubles me is among the dead were Palestinians. How could you be sure that they weren't dead because of the importance of their spare parts? You see, it brings my attention to the stark similarities it has with the Khmer Rouge. One of their methods of disposing their own people is the destruction for blood. Those who were condemned in such a manner, would be tied up both legs and arms and pumped up dry to their death. Yes, just like what Dracula did.

But nowadays atheists that are so proud of themselves, have nothing to do with the Khmer Rouge. They are nicer, gentler and wiser, even if the stark resemblance of not believing in God is not considered a dogma that is slowing down the human race. The only difference I reckon is that they are killing others in millions compared with the Khmer Rouge, if you accept the claims by Christians and Atheists alike that the USA is becoming an Atheist State rather than a country built on religion. I may be wrong but this perception is not mine.

In Islam, killing a soul without any just cause is seen as killing the entire human race. The sin is so great that the perpetrator that had done it, must pay the ultimate price for his hideous crime. But let me tell you a secret. In Shariah, the family members of the victims have a say in the execution. If they choose not to ask the killer to pay the ultimate price, the killer would get to walk, scot free! I mean he won't get to ride the lightning. The killer had to compensate the family of the dead of course. That is how precious life is, in the eyes of Muslims. The hideous examples of the non practicing Christians, if I may, in killing indiscriminately non combatant Muslims is triggering the memory when the Turks were fighting for their survival. It’s amazing what people could do in the face of annihilation, don’t you think?

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