Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Act of Shame

It's amazing what shame can do to us. Some say that without any feeling of embarrassment, one would find it difficult to define the human beings from other beings that exist side by side with them, being so similar in some particular ways. Without the feeling of shame, one would not have a problem of walking naked in public and do whatever he feels like it. I'm not quite sure what is the basic limitation of the body parts that one can expose under the scrutiny of the naked eyes, but since I'm a Muslim, I would try to explain briefly if I may, the limitation of exposure of the human body.

According to the Hadith and interpretations from the scholars of Islam, which is a common acceptance here in the lands of the Malay, the face, the voice and the hands, starting from the wrist are not considered as forbidden to be shown and seen by others. The body curves are also considered as sacred and are not allowed to be shown to strangers. Some Muslims go beyond that, with their own interpretations and school of thoughts, based on their geography confinement and culture that existed.

I went for a holiday recently, and my kids were so enthusiastic of visiting a water world theme park. As always, one cannot escape the reality of the world that we live in. Half embarrassed, I just ignored the amount of exposure by the people there. But I really have to say this; sometimes it is better to keep your body to yourself. Honestly. But don't worry. I have this special ability to divert and filter my senses. It helps to keep my thought as pure as it can be. The ablution or wudhu' helps a lot too in washing away our daily sins, of course.

To my disappointment, a considerable amount of Muslims were over exposed too. I thought they had invented burqini or some decent swimming attire that Muslims can wear without restraining themselves to the worldly enjoyment. Maybe it's our own fault of not advertising it hard enough to make Muslims know about the existence of the burqini or the proper attire in going through our daily lives and leisure. Maybe a separation of gender is in order? In certain events, I would have to say, I'm in favour of separatism.

For me, in order for Muslims to be an example to the rest of mankind, one must not be too strict or too lenient in setting the boundaries especially in the world of fashion that plays an important role and has a high impact on one's self esteem. To show extremity, to the lower end or to the higher end I'm afraid, does have its impact on the face value of Islam itself. The question is, what are we going to do about it? As always.

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