Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Dark Knight

Another foiled attempt to assassinate a group of people that has no political significance or a legitimate military target, accept just to instil fear and chaos. Well done guys, keep up the stupid work. You just made the day for Daniel Pipes, Ali Sina and their union of infidels. Thanks a lot morons!

I wake up every morning with a worry whether a terrorist attack would be successful that day or not. And sadly, who would be the drug mule or to be precise the bomb mule. It's hard to convince the West that Muslims aren't terrorists when all the terrorist attack or attempt seemed to come from Muslims only. Since the security hike, almost all terror group went into the hibernation mode. But to make things clear, the Tamil Tigers were defeated. The heighten security measures throughout the rest of the world have finally shown some positive effect, hopefully it would last and this feeling of complacency won't backfire anytime soon now. There's no lost in keeping alert. Letting your guard down would cost a lot.

The terrorists are of no help to the Islamic cause. They are killing everyone, Muslims or Non Muslims. They didn't even make an effort of identifying legitimate military target, like Israel and NATO. To support their hideous ways would made us, the Muslims as the same with the cold blooded robots in the West that support the killings of babies, children and helpless civilians. And for that mark my word, you're going to hell with the rest of the sinners. Your time spent there might be different, but the sufferings would be just about the same.

It doesn't make any sense to be the exact match of the ones that you despised the most. What else of being ended up in the same place and having the same rewards of the ungrateful and sinful servants of Allah. May Allah have mercy on you. The helpers of the evildoers. Whether it is with words or actions. Everything would be held accountable for shying away people from Islam and helping the attackers of Islam.

To the West, scrap out the reason for the terrorists to terrorize you. Stop killing the innocents and supporting the oppressors and showing your might in someone else's fatherland. If you're just being Tu Quoque, then the risk is yours. Shit happens. It is better to play safe and play good rather than play god and finding out the hard way you're just as fragile as anybody else. Remember the law of physics. Each action would have an equal and opposite reaction. Ask your physic teacher or Newton if you don't believe me. It is only a matter of time. Sadly it would affect Muslims more than it would the terrorists, as always. Stop playing their game. You're just the pawn of the Zionists. Wake up to your senses and be the man who you really are.

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