Friday, December 18, 2009

A Rude Anglican church in Aukland New Zealand

It seems the Christians are getting confused again. In literature, there is a style of writing designed for the purpose of giving in depth effect to the piece of writing known as personification. Now, this style of writing usually involves in giving a human like character or characteristics to non human objects such as, the waves on the beach advised me on something, which if one would read on the first layer of the word itself, it would sound as ludicrous. But if you read it once more, with a value of literature or deep understanding, you'll see the beauty in it. Well, at least I see a beauty in all this commotion.

What goes around, comes around. The mistakes of giving Godlike attributes to mere creatures do have consequences. In all this glaring mistakes, and while suppressing my anger and disgust, I come across this wise comment in, and I would like to share it with you.

Blogger Jess The Dog said...

Shows a complete ignorance of theology and religious doctrine that even a fool like myself is aware of (because of the ability to read the Bible in print myself, thanks to Your Grace and fellow Reformers.

I thought a clergyman would be aware of the concepts of "virgin", "immaculate conception" and suchlike. Apparently not.

I'm uneasy about the Aisha comparator cited (notwithstanding the fact it is used to highlight hypocrisy). Marriages (and second marriages of widowers) to young women and even girls were common until recent times in all societies, partly to do with mortality and life expectancy in years past (in particular the significant risk of death in childbirth), and partly to do with advantageous marriages for reasons of alliance, money, property of prestige.

In Islam, the custom of polygamy arose because of the custom of marrying the widows of dead family members and of followers killed in battle, to provide shelter and some status, in addition to other reasons of advantage mentioned earlier. The marriage to the (uncommonly-young) Aisha was probably for dynastic reasons and she is said to have remained with her parents for some years after the marriage before moving in with her husband.

"But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also" as someone once said....
18 December 2009 10:45

To make a simplistic over generalisation, like a baby, regarding of the West and the Westerners would be a grave mistake. Even Allah reminded us that they are not the same. Some of them, are endowed with wisdom for not neglecting the art of thinking. Hopefully, most of us will be blessed with wisdom too. So many are eager to demonstrate on the streets or kill the helpless that would only have backfired on Islam. Being the devil to fight the devil is not our way. One that proclaims Islam is the right way, must be able to walk the talk and not just bark like a dog. As a Malay saying, in meaning of course, A dog that barks at a mountain would achieve nothing, the mountain would still stand tall, and the dog would die out of exhaustion.

Wisdom doesn’t come cheap. You must learn to unlearn and bleed to achieve it. As always.

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