Thursday, December 10, 2009


Why I like to take other's writing or point of view and put them in my blog?

1. They are too beautiful for me to paraphrase or to quote them in pieces.

2. I'm afraid if I would loose them from my HDD in case my security was breached again.

3. To show to the world that not everyone is crazy despite being one of the community they were born in.

4. Al Quran n Al Hadith are way beyond my league. I need the help from the true scholars of Islam, the ones that feared Allah more than any man could.

5. To emphasis the diversity and richness of knowledge that we have in this world.

6. To show that everyone has access to information n knowledge at their fingertips and hope that they won't be a passive receiver.

7. To appeal silently to my readers so that they won't be bias and only listening to one side of the story.

Thank you for your understanding.

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