Saturday, January 16, 2010


Man is a creature of habit. If he puts his mind to something, really focusing all his will and energy to it, he could really achieve something and put aside impossibility next to fear and confusion which were already set aside a long time ago when he reached the next level.

Now, if this new level of supremacy over other mediocre human being is not controlled and guided by an Emotional and Spiritual Quotient or intelligence, it would have a reverse effect. Without this self awareness ability or EQ which is as important as IQ, his blessing could in turn be his Achilles' heel, a curse that he must endure, whether he likes it or not.

If this new level is reached by a person laden with awareness that it was just a gift from his Lord, it would only make him humbler when fame and glory turned most into Pharaoh. Proud and over exulting, feeling so great and tends to annihilate, be it the pride of others or their complete existence. Pride can be addictive. Just like drugs, booze and of course sex. Don't believe me? If I may, look what happened to Tiger Woods, Michael Jackson, Curt Cobain, Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, and the list goes on at or at Now, in no way I meant it as disrespect in mentioning them as an example. Their death is a tragedy. What we could do is learn from them.

In the animal kingdom, their survival or legacy largely depends on the dominant male. He would have to prove himself with battles and wore battle scares on his face to impress the females and scare off would be nemesis until he got too old to fight. Now, males are blessed with spermatozoa count that would make the egg of a female seem unimportant. But bear in mind. These spermatozoa, just like a dominant male, must fight and compete with each other in a death race, only more civilised and fair but the odds they had to face in the long journey is about as deadly and tiring as well. Now unlike our blood cells or our bones, this individual spermatozoon has a mind of its own. They move forward in a tadpole like movement and won't stop until they had found their objective, the female egg. Knowing I think, the fate that awaits them if they failed to reach there in time.

So you see you are a hero. A result of a dominant spermatozoon that survived the death race. So don't let another mere human being dominate you with falsity or treat you like a fool.

What give the idea to the brainless spermatozoa to run in such a race? Well, ask the wise atheists and scientists. I'm just a warrior poet. I sing and I fight. On every one's behalf, against the deluded liars and haters in the worldwide web that would smile when everyone starts killing each other. Easy money. Don't dance to their tune. It is hideous and revolting. And deep down inside, you know it. You're just not so sure about it.

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