Saturday, January 16, 2010

Foolster41: 2010a

Hi Foolster41, yes it's been a long talk n frankly speaking I'm quite lost, but I'll try to focus on your recent questions with the time I have at hand. If I forgot to address any important issues, please remind me later.

1. Hamas is very good. But like any other human organisation, unlike the angels, flaws are inevitable. With so many brains and desires, just like the US army and CIA. Remember private Green that gang raped and killed the entire family of the victim, chopped her to pieces and burnt her meat while framing the jihadist of doing it? Does it represent the US army in general? Excuse us for not being perfect like you guys.

2. Iran is very good too. But not perfect just like anyone of us. The US nuked, poisoned and firebombed almost the entire race of the human kind, indiscriminately, in almost all four corners of the world, but that still doesn't make it a 100% evil terminator.

3. He should use his wits rather than his balls to lure, wait and just kill the killer without hurting the killer's relatives, babies and et cetera. What's the rush? Don't you know about SWAT rules of engagement? Like the Palestinians. You got them cornered with gigantic walls, mini guns and inhumane blockade. What's your Christian view on this one?

4. I am a Muslim. We are one, so any Muslims that follow the ways of Muhammad, as in the Sunnah, Al Quran and Al Hadith shown and continued by his trustworthy companions and Muslim scholars and adhere to the 5 principles of Islam and 6 pillars of faith are my brothers n sisters.

5. Yes, compared to Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Radovan Karadzic, Mao, Roman emperors that built coliseum to witness people killed each other for their amusement, watching gladiators died and cheered in a drunken manner, most US president, Western leaders that toasted babies, lied repeatedly, broke treaties and said it had to be done and et cetera and et cetera.

6. Which one? On abortion? On sex without marriage? On killing Japanese civilians to avenge Pearl Harbour? On taking creatures as gods besides the One True God? On confirming the ten commandments?

7. Yes, in court of his choice, according to his term and conditions and the right to speak his mind why he thinks Islam is bad and Muhammad is a liar compared to what went down in history and current slayers of Palestinian civilians. He must present his case so that everyone would bear witness to the lies of the century, Islam, abortion, sex slaves, sex magazines, porn industries and killers of humanity. Syariah is just for Muslims. Non Muslims are not entitled to it.

8. Good. Spare the rod; spoil the brat kind of thing. With so much killing, raping and Madoff wannabe happening around us. What's your solution in dealing with the ever increasing crime rate? Make abortion, killing the helpless and sex trade unlawful? Preaching pornography like in the US? You guys tortured suspected terrorists for fun and have the guts to question how Islam deals with criminals? Christians gutted alive those who committed crimes against the church, burnt them alive in inquisitions just for the suspicion of heresy. What do you have to say about them? Besides, according to Syariah, four trustworthy witnesses known for their piousness must be present at the scene of the sex crime, which made it almost impossible for the judge to execute the maximum penalty. Even the slightest doubt would annul the charge. And most of the conviction requires the offender to confess without being slowly torn to pieces on the rack, a special device of medieval torture machine invented by Christian church. One more, all the doors to the evil must be closed by the Muslim community to make the Syariah worked. So any tempting conditions or situations must be addressed first through education and implementing laws and regulations to promote and make it easy for anyone wished to get married and get a life.

9. Peacefully and intellectually, yes. So that none would complain in the hereafter that the message of the truth didn't reach him and not forgetting free will. Also to stop another crazy human being, especially non Muslims from being another ungodly humangod like Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Karadzic, Mao, Pol Pot, Sharon, leaders of Irgun and Lehmann and et cetera and et cetera. Not by force. Not like the Romans that brought Roman Catholic all over Europe and destroyed the British resistance led by Boudica. By the way, did you know the early history of Christianity? I mean the crucification of the Christians by the Romans before miraculously embraced the same faith of their gladiators? The same gladiators that killed and died in front of a cheering crowd like in a football stadium nowadays. Muslims must convey the word of God to all mankind. Jesus Christ was only sent to the Israelite. Not to the rest of the human race. Just like Prophet Musa to the Israelite and not to the Egyptians. And even then, he was rejected by his people and the Romans tried to kill him, remember? Only a handful accepted him and became Christians without trinity.

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