Thursday, January 28, 2010

American English Teacher Assistant

Received a surprise visit from an interesting group yesterday. With not much information beforehand of what to prepare and present, I had to make do with whatever I have at hand, the annoying me. With their colourful eyes, hair and skins, Americans are certainly beautiful people. Most are in their early twenties, still very young and quite innocent but their will to be here for almost a year in one of the land of the Malay, to help us improve our students' English, certainly is astonishing. How they carry themselves made me forget my ugly encounters with the haters and liars in the Worldwide Web. They remind me of how just beautiful and plainly human all of us really are.

To all my kind readers, thank you for being here with me. I'm sorry if I give the impression of neglecting your comments. To Maria, Peter, Sara, Lixue, Lance, J Jones and others, thank you for being here. It helps me of not thinking I'm getting mad talking to myself in this blog of mine.

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