Friday, January 29, 2010

The Beginning of A Terror?

A missed conversation..

Blogger srizals said...

Thank you for the explanation Blogger DDIM 'n HOFFI.

But like all things that existed, there must be point A or a beginning. If I may explain to you, if not accepted, maybe it is worth hearing in understanding things that are spinning around us, almost out of control.

You see, Muslims are actually a peaceful not caring much for someone else's country or affairs. But the West, specifically Great Britain has been meddling with our affairs now and then, not going too far, Iraq is a near example of the West meddling that creates resentment on the Muslim's side.

If you look into history, the West was a dominating imperialist that had done much misery and plundered the wealth of all nations, Muslim nations being the highly prized. Your great country built itself on our blood and wealth, let say if there isn't any tin or iron ore from my homeland to help the lack of resources much needed back then, the industry revolution won't be that revolutionary.

Is anyone being forced to submit to Muslims or Islam perception of the truth, now in your country that had caused all the resentment? As you have your own perception of the truth, so does a Muslim. Differences are unavoidable. Conflict is. Everyone is afraid of Muslim’s domination. In reality, your troops are crusading in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both are Muslim nations. Many Muslims were dead and are dying. Majority of them are unarmed civilians, especially babies. Why not call back your troops and eliminate the reason for Muslims’ resentment. Can’t we coexist?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There was a beginning, it was when your Prophet Mohammed sent a letter to the Byzantium Emperor and the Persian Emperor telling them to accept Islam, submit to his will or die, as The Byzantium Emperor was the only known head of Christianity to Mohammed that was the start of it.

Muslims are not peaceful, but I do agree with you that you do not care for someone else's country or affairs, if their non-Muslims you do not care about them at all, you only care as much as you can attack them take them over and make them submit to Islam. During your first and greatest period of expansion which was only stopped by Charles Martel at Poitiers you did not care about the people you raided, killed, raped and enslaved.

Those of us that know our history see the Crusades as counter attack, just as the Spannish reconquest was a counter attack. The second wave of Islamic conquest was stopped outside of Vienna. Lets take a view on some of the meddling you talk about, have you heard of the Barbary prirates, these were the Muslims corsairs based in North Africa, who raided continiously, took ships, held people to ransom, enslaved perhaps a million people over an extended period, so evantually the British destroyed the main fleet and not long after France invaded to clean the place up, so much for your meddling. Perhaps your talking about us meddling in India which stopped your meddling there, I understand that until we stopped you Muslims you were going great guns at killing off the Hindu's just like you had killed all the Bhuddists and most of the Sikhs... So you call us the West Imperialists, but Islam is even worse, it is an Imperialist religion. And yes I have looked into your history, I know it better than you...

Did you know that the word for a black man in Arabic is the word for slave, what happened to the millions of slaves you pundered from black Africa, I know, the men were castrated or worked to death, while the women were used as sex slaves and when a child was born, that child had its head smashed in, that is why there are no blacks living in Arabia. You think that you backward countries hold any value to us, it was only oil that changed the equation and that did not start the industrial revolution, that was iron and coal which we had in the UK, your history is poor indeed.

You ask if anyone is being forced to submit to Muslim or Islams perception of the truth, well yes we are, the OIS is pushing at this very moment trying to make it illegal to criticize your religion and for me that is the biggest resentment I can ever have against antone or anything, removing my god given freedom. Conflict between us and your people has happened ever since Mohammed told the Byzantium Emperor to surrender or die, and of course what about the verse of the swords.

We cannot coexist, because you refuse to in every act of supremacy that you unfailingly carry out.

srizals -(Have to refer to my Prophet's letters now, I seemed to have misplaced them)

30 December 2009 17:51
Anonymous len said...

If Islam is such a "religion of peace," why do they have to keep reminding us? Nobody's running around saying "Christianity is a religion of peace" – because it is not in doubt.

If Islam is a religion of peace and love, as well as a benefactor of humanity why do they have to keep saying it? Perhaps because the vision of a compassionate Islam is so often obscured by explosions, flying body parts, collapsing skyscrapers, rolling heads, and rabid imams preaching hate the Jews, hate the Christians, hate America, hate the West, etc.
30 December 2009 18:31
Blogger DDIM 'n HOFFI said...

It was going so well to begin with. Never mind, we are all doomed now in any case. Islam is to Labour what water is to a naughty child who has flooded the house after leaving the bath taps fully open. He now seeks to highlight the insignificance of water in order to distract from the glaringly obvious culpability of negligence, stupidity and gross inadequacy. He does this by attempting to highlight the crucial life-giving qualities of water, without which we would all be doomed, but typically of a deranged and immature mind, he fails to address the obvious fact that we are not aquatic or amphibious life forms and therefore cannot exists for too long in an aquatic or even semi aquatic environment.

The same goes for Islam, similar to water, it is safe in small quantities but under no circumstances is it desirable to flood the fucking entire house. Islam has Jihad and Christianity has the 'turning of the other cheek', these things are not compatible. The turning of the cheek is something that takes tremendous effort in order to achieve because it strains all the natural selfish instincts. I struggle with turning the other cheek, I struggle with turning the other cheek, no matter how many time I say it nothing changes. But there are Christians who are much better than I could ever hope be like. There are worse ones also: the wrath of politicians and the priesthood has no license to dish out hell any more though, they have far surpassed me in any levels of hypocrisy I could even dream of. It is written that God's wisdom installs our governors, and I have to live with this notion, all I can do is apologise for their conduct, but only to those I deem worthy of apology.
30 December 2009 18:33
Anonymous len said...

Different Kinds Of Muslims,
The secular Muslims. This is a good description of Muslims all over the world. They believe in the nice parts of Islam, but they reject the call to jihad. They take on the cultural trappings of the message, but they are not living it out completely. These Muslims may be very dedicated to their system of thought, even though it does not represent true Islam. The majority of Muslims around the world –both in the East and in the West—fall into this category.

The traditional Muslims. There are two types of traditional Muslims…first…those who study Islam, know it and practice it, but they have a stumbling block with the concept of jihad. Some consider jihad to be a spiritual battle, like the Muslim Sufism movement…second…people who know that jihad is fighting non-Muslims, but they do not take action…

The fundamentalist Muslims. These are the ones who perpetrate terrorism…Their goal is to practice Islam as Muhammad did. Though we call them radicals, they are practicing true Islam.
30 December 2009 19:1

Will address this later, God willing Foolster41. You see, my mind is not at ease. I'm going to see my son tomorrow. It's his first time to be far away from home in a boarding school. He's my right hand and now I'm all alone to do lots of things all by myself. And my ultratoddlers aren't helping much.

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