Tuesday, January 26, 2010

El Diablo


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Greetings From Mr. Diallo.

Dear Friend,

For your kind attention.I will be very glad if you do assist me to relocate this sum of ( US$10.2M ) to your account for the benefit of our both families

This is a genuine business,only I cannot operate it alone without using a Foreigner who will stand as a beneficiary to the money, that is why I decided to contact you in a good manner to assist me and also to share the benefit together with me. (N I thought all Westerners hate foreigner)

You will be entitled to 40 % of this money as foreign partner, since you provide an account for the claim,5 % will be set aside for expenses incured during the business and 55 % will be for me.

By indicating your interest I will send you the full details on how the business will be executed.

Please keep this proposal as a top secret and delete it, if you are not interested.

Mr. Diallo.

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