Sunday, January 24, 2010

UnIslamic Spammer?

President of Islamic Woman Association

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Assalamu alaikum!

This message is from the office of Madam Marian Ahmed the president of
Islamic Woman Association London/England.


I have a donations sum of USD$3.6 (Three million & Six Hundred Thousand
United State Dollars) for the development of your entire community, and
for the support those privileges in your Region.

Now I am presently in the hospital because of the condition of my sickness
and old age, so I need your full information’s, such as full name, bank
account, passport and private Mobile for security purpose before my bank
will release the funds to your care.

Just get back to me with your information’s so that my bank can transfer
the funds over to your account. And again I will have my heart surgery
operation within 4 working days according to my doctor, so try all your
possible best to follow my directions in order to transfer the funds to
your account before I will enter inside theatre.

Warning, don’t reply this message if you are not the owner of this email

Best Regard,

From Madam Marian Ahmed.

President of Islamic Woman Association. Location: Brunel Road , Newton
Abbot-Devon /TQ12 4PB, London-England/ United Kingdom .

For all its worth, at least I've managed to attract millions of money from spammers and exposed their mammers here. Well, for starters, spammers are not that smart see; you don't have to give your personal details to strangers, ever!

If someone is sincere enough to help you from out of the blue, (like one in a million kind of probability) he would just be asking for your account number, that's all. Second, they don't give you any warning or asked you to keep it a secret. Third, what's the rush? If you'll die, you'll die. That's it. Fourth, trust in yourself. Fifth, try not to lie so frequently or make yourself a believer of whatever people told you without any analytical or criticism or some deep self review or a certain degree of sceptism. You owe no one any respect that they don't deserve. If they aren't showing us any, why should we?

Last but not least, don't be like the greedy and stingy proudest person ever lived on planet earth. Help those in need. True happiness comes from giving and sharing. True misery comes from taking and having everything all to yourself, no matter how legalised it maybe. You'll be haunted of losing what is not rightfully yours for the rest of your life and polluted your offspring's happiness with the same anguish and fear for almost eternity.

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