Friday, February 26, 2010

12 Rabiul Awal

Confirmed! I have a very bad infection that would affect my well being for a while. Must be the heat wave that we're having in Malaysia. So I have to slow down for a while. Don't want my anger to talk on the behalf of me now won't we? It would of course, be easy, as to get angry doesn't require a lot of concentration and thinking. Bursting with stupidity and that is all to it. Simple. Plainly not that erudite as Cranmer would put it. But you see, I'm a teacher and as a teacher I would learn anything that I felt worth learning as an addition to myself. Knowledge is like diamond and it belongs to the one that seek it, even if it lies in the hands of his mortal enemies, if not eternal enemies.

You see, lions and hyenas can't stand each other's existence. But please note, they lived almost side by side and eating the same thing and strangely behaving almost the same, but keep on peeing on the others' pee mark. You see, animals mark their territory with their excretion. So whenever a dominant lion marked its territory, a dominant hyena, a female in contrast, would pee on it as if defying the great king of the beast. Battles if not skirmishes are unavoidable and do happened from time to time, depending on who's got the upper hand (in meaning of numbers) when battling it out for food and supremacy. And strangely it also depicted our own.

Today, in the lands of the Malay, Muslims are celebrating a date. A very significant date of a birth of a man that would be the last messenger of God. The closure of a series of prophets through the ages since the beginning of time. No prophet would ever be raised again, that is why a not so wise Malay that claimed he was a prophet raised for the Malays, got chased by the Islamic authority and flee like chicken to avoid being caught, not killed, so unlikely of a prophetic behaviour. Yes, we can't escape stupidity and worthless things. It's not heaven ok, wait up till you entered paradise, and then you'll be grateful of remembering all our past experience of our short existence in this earthly lives. So please bear with me, and excuse my blog. It is all torn up and bleeding, but please consider the small good things in it. It's me. A little piece of me that hopefully would stay on the net for a while after I'm gone to my Lord's mercy. Hopefully I've fulfilled my duties as a Muslim, a father and a husband, a teacher and a man in all the weaknesses and constraints I have in my hands.

As I'm happy for this day, a great trial falls upon me. My mother was mugged right there at the door of her kitchen in the safety of her home. The snatch thieves pushed her so hard that she fell in the drain but alhamdulillah, managed to escape with some bruises only. On experiencing this horrific event, I can't stop thinking the ultimate price that a thief would have to give upon syariah. If the goods reached a certain amount, if I recalled correctly, in time of the Prophet and his companions, it must be as the worth of a body armour and that would be expensive I bet you and not because of hunger and chaos in the country. You may say it is harsh and inhumane. You may be right, but know this, the trauma experienced by the victims are quite inhumane I tell you, my mother barely escaped with her life, if they had pushed harder and she didn't managed to grab on something to cushion her landing in the drain, I would not be able to blog tonight and start my own vigilante mission of hunting down the animals myself, but I'm lucky, alhamdulillah.

Some were not that lucky and killed for a mere RM 5 or less. Some had to deliver their babies in a state of coma for having to endure the savagery of a mere thief. Yes, the muggers were unislamic Malays. They were handsomely attired and rode a fancy motorbike. I hope the police would catch them ASAP or I pray that Allah would give them some taufik and hidayah so that they may desist in becoming the glamorous thief of them all, the dreaded snatch thief. If they refused to listen to themselves and repent, it is their own doing of throwing themselves in endless despair, here and in the afterlife. Don't worry, all the fallen victims would get their justice in the court of God, and the evil ones had to compensate all their victims with their own good deeds or shoulder the burdens of the wrong doings of their victims. And that is what a broke really is.

PS: Thanks to our Prime minister that came up with the idea of 1Malaysia Clinic that open 7 days in a row from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. I managed to get my elixir after paying RM 1. When almost all in this crazy world can’t accept differences, a small country in Asia, with a heart like shape came up with a concept that would baffled the proud master race way above humanity. And in such small circumstances, I’m very grateful of being one of the Malays in the lands of the Malay where non Malays and non Muslims thrive and be as industrious as they can if they want to. Check out the billionaires of Malaysia if you don’t believe me. Thanks WK for stopping by. It is my intention to show to the web surfers how clever these liars are.

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