Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Visit

I went to visit my aunt in Gaza,
I've not met her for almost a century,
Now don't blame me without first but ponder,
Name me a country that is still but a colony.

I missed my uncles, my cousins, my people,
Reading about them in the news don't really help much,
I have to hug them and made eye contact,
And digest their despair without much fuss.

I really have to get to Gaza,
They said there's not much left, only agony,
Don't they understand now after watching us for so long,
It is our duty to die in dignity.

I reached Gaza after much scrutiny,
There must be no food and cement for the military,
Now all their might is home grown in the USA,
Have you ever heard of such a war that is full of awe?

I found an emptiness in a crater like in Mars,
My aunt was gone, her little babies too,
My uncles, my cousins lost without a trace,
Only bones on the walls that smell like perfume.

I tried to investigate and communicate,
To the walls and craters, asking for proof,
For not many have eyes and couldn't be bother,
They had international TV with unbiased proof.

Now tell me, what should I do?
Being desperate and lonely is all that I knew,
They asked me, be like Gandhi and we'll support you,
For another 60 years or more, to be true.

I watched a Disney with a lovely tune,
About a lion brought up as a sheep,
Now even this lamb can't just stand and watch,
When the wolf is about to have his mother for a treat.

Forgive me world for I have to be me,
You have watched enough international TV,
Sharon still has nightmares about me,
Never to wake up again to harm my babies.

I understand that you'll never could understand,
Being a spectator, how could you think like gladiators?
So sit back, relax and enjoy the show,
Don't cry now when this madness came knocking on your door.

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