Saturday, February 20, 2010

Abandonment of the 10 Commandments

I've just discovered why nobody no longer cares about the 10 Commandments. From an alien species who was formerly John D. Now, most sins and errors have only but one solution, off with their heads like in the wizard of Ozz or was it in the last Samurai's scene? Now, how could anyone followed and heeded such a decree? So everyone started to ignore instead of reading blindly. For it is much easier of not knowing anything and blaming on something. It is far much better than blaming ourselves.

The cocktail of truth and lies sure is intoxicating. Blame not yourself, who wouldn't when always running away from armies? That would catch you and send you and your family to an amusement park for all Romans to see. In huge Coliseums to be devoured by gladiators and beast. In front of a cheering crowd, hopefully not sober enough. Since the scene's brutalities outmatched any Israeli armies.

So tell me could we ever blame the early Christians? For they are always on the flee. Running and hiding from the mighty Roman armies. Everyone was prosecuted and persecuted. Nobody could relax and enjoy a cup of tea. Discussing and remembering what Jesus has taught them to be. To write a book of life so that everyone would not miss him. If you knew the Romans and their lions, or the inquisitions and Iron Maiden. Who could even remember such a book full of bounty?

Everyone is barking about the taqiyya of the century. They have forgotten how long they have been in the midnight sea. So afraid of the truth, feeling all dandy and lays side by side with lies, there is some truth in it anyway so begone you Mr. Fly.

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