Friday, February 19, 2010

Battle Cry

How I wish I would stumble upon websites dedicated in discussing and pondering upon how many assassinations had been carried out by Mossad since the formation of Zionist's heaven on earth (hell for the Palestinians) was formed upon Dier Yassin. Now, you may say that this move is a victory for the Zionists, in a sense that they had managed to show to the world just how effective and long hands they have (not counting US made hands of course.)

But as Sabra and Shatilla, Lebanon, Golan, Gaza, and almost every glory and victory they have are all proof that would stay forever in the pages of history of mankind. Forever frozen in time that would haunt them for millenniums until they have lost all the appetite for destruction.

Being what they are, they can't help themselves but to fulfil their destiny. Natural born killers with no remorse and sympathy, desperately trying to overcome their tormentors' achievement that who had also shamelessly painted their mark in history.

So my brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity, don't follow their hideous ways. You are not baby killers, mighty slayers of helpless unarmed civilians. You are better than them, much much better. Please follow the rules of combat in Islam and in the civilised world. Remember Saladin. Remember the one that opened Constantinople when no Muslim armies can. Remember those who opened Spain and helped to establish law and order. Remember the Alamo. Glory would be for those who deserved them. The undeserving would be painted as the humanbeast that devoured humanity for their pride of being above the human race and that is truly a disgrace.

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