Friday, February 19, 2010

Mabhuh and Mossad

Life is full of irony. When everyone in the land of the free and home of the brave was bed-ridden with fear of being killed by millions if not billions of suicide bombers that would invade them with babies not Willy Pete, Obama came to the picture to counter Osama. And to kill Mabhuh without much fuss or retaliation from the fire cracker death and crippling effect like what a few unislamic Malays usually play with before the coming of Aidil Fitri, Mossad came into the picture of CCTV and made everyone started to think of just how professional their hitmen are. Could you name me a country that would still live the lives of the brotherhood of the roses other than them?

My bet, it is going to stir something that would be another justification to kill more babies and children as they are the ultimate weapon of Muslims. They are going to outbreed us. We are already being invaded by immigrants (descendants of former Christian's slaves) that were heavily armed with brooms and muscles to make ends meet and don't misunderstood us if we over reacted like the Afghans and Iraqis ok, they got to kill and fight the invading NATO and we only get to sit and watch them taking over our lands and dominating our lives. We were nations of druids and sorcery, the holy lands of the Vikings and ancient Germanic barbarians that fought the invading Romans! Stay away from our holy Christian heritage that had rooted since the beginning of time.

All hail to the brave warriors. You've died and bleed in dignity. And for the freedom that they had stolen from you in a deception and deceit that would outmatched any taqiyya and yet you are the treacherous traitor. I envy you O holy warriors of Allah. You get to live forever beside God while I have to witness and endure all the worthlessness in this life and still wondering would I be accepted by Allah. I will be joining you O brave warriors. Killers of oppressors that flourish on death. As you came to this world, not alone, so is your departure, for the angels are there accompanying you at your death, waiting to escort you with respect that with all the weaknesses and restraints that you've endured, you kept your course and fulfilled your destiny. How I wish I could have your bravery. Pray for me O warriors that would live forever. May I have the bravery to follow my heart and face all the high tech monsters like you did.

Know this O killers and liars. You may kill as many braves as you can, and babies with your fancy weaponry, but you can never kill and destroy our will to fight. Are you going to cry to the world once more when we started to retaliate against your gruesome tyranny? Shame on you cowards! I wonder what analysis would the all wise of whatever have to say on this incidents? Anarchy?

Well, at least one good thing came out from all of this, the perverts got to see the bodily shape of everyone on fancy X-ray machines to look at, sorry, look for bombs and wires that would be used by terrorists, as if there is no cheaper and effective way to detect bombs and weapons. Typical.

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